Family Medicine Programs

Continuous and comprehensive health care for you and your family.

What is family medicine?
BIMC HOSPITAL’s Family Medicine is a specifically tailored program that offers comprehensive health care for people of all ages with a personal touch. This program provides continuing health care for individuals and families alike, emphasizing on the on-going patient-doctor relationship, promoting preventive as well as curative care.
A designated doctor will be uniquely assigned to you, delivering regular care and continuously monitoring your health.
BIMC HOSPITAL provides a multitude of comprehensive services performed by a specially trained, multinational medical team in two dedicated facilities located in Kuta and Nusa Dua. Recognised as the only preferred healthcare provider in Indonesia by the International Assistance Group (IAG), BIMC HOSPITAL goes above and beyond to accommodate your needs; driven by our ambition for excellence and our passion for care.

How does it work for you?

Initial Health Assessment
It starts with an Initial Health Assessment (IHA) which is a thorough analysis of your physical condition. With BIMC HOSPITAL’s ultra-modern equipment and facility, complete with pathology and radiology departments, rest assured that the Family Medicine Program’s IHA leaves no stone un-turned when it comes to your health. After your IHA, your Family Doctor will create your personal Health Summary which is part of your medical record. The IHA is an attractively priced investment in getting transparency of your physical condition and the corner stone of your personal Family Medicine Program.

Health Summary
Your Health Summary consists of your medical background, relevant family history, social and environmental factors, life style aspects, medications you are currently taking as well as other useful medical information needed. The Health Summary is renewed annually and as needed if there are any significant changes in your treatment or health condition.

Care Plan Development
Based on the Health Summary your doctor will develop a personal Care Plan with and for you, which pinpoints issues that need to be dealt with on a long-term basis, for example hypertension, diabetes, unhealthy lifestyle habits, obesity, and many more. If your IHA shows that you are fine this Care Plan will consist of not much more than some general advice but in the case that there are areas of concern, your doctor will set up objectives together with you. Through regular follow-up consultations, your doctor will focus on these issues, so you will be kept on track in achieving your target.
As your Family Doctor will assess your lifestyle habits, some of which might negatively affect your health (e.g, smoking, alcohol consumption, irregular physical activity), it is quite common that your Care Plan will suggest some Lifestyle Modifications. Although the success of this program depends on you, research shows that constant support and assistance from your Family Doctor can help tremendously in achieving your lifestyle modification goals.

If you are diagnosed with a chronic disease, such as hypertension, diabetes or hypercholesterolemia, the continuous support from your Family Doctor is essential to control the disease and prevent further complications. This Chronic Disease Management will take into consideration medications you consume or treatments you undergo in relation to the disease.

As important it is to seek medical assistance for a child in the event of sickness, we believe in the benefits of Preventive Care for Youth as the growth and development of a child needs to be monitored regularly. Cases such as growth problems can be detected after several consultations with your doctor and properly monitored. A growth chart will be used to map your child’s physical development on every visit, so any irregularities can be identified and treated. Specific issues, like Autism or ADHD, can be recognized early and should be dealt with accordingly as quickly as possible in order to get optimal therapeutic results.

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