First Aid Course Held in The Garden




The Garden Early Learning Centre opened in 2014 to cater to children both living and visiting the island. The high standard early learning and childcare facility boasts an eco-friendly learning environment that focuses on sustainable living with safety being the highest of priorities.

To meet their stringent requirements, the centre’s management signed up for a BIMC Hospital first aid course for its 16 staff and teachers held March 19. “This essential training is all part of maintaining our standards and commitment for a secure and safe facility,” said teacher coordintor, Ms. Anastasia. “All teachers came away with much appreciated skills and feeling confident about such issues that even though are rare are now better understood from an emergency care perspective.”

BIMC first aid trainers focus on instructing the handling of such medical issues as animal bites, choking, seizures, bleeding, sprains, contusions and other common emergency medical cases that can occur with children.

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BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua
The first hospital in Indonesia with accreditation from Australian Council on Healthcare Standard International  (ACHSI)

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