Dhyana Pura Bali Tourism Institute Participate in First Aid Training

To begin 2011, BIMC Hospital has continued with their Basic Life Support – First Aid Training program. On 12 and 26 February 2011, BIMC Hospital invited Dhyana Pura Bali Tourism Institute to join BIMC’s First Aid Training. BIMC Hospital believes that by giving this important and often life-saving training, the course participants can be part of the first rescuers in any serious situation anywhere.

Not only skilled in hospitality and tourism, Dhyana Pura Bali Tourism Institute understands how important it is to train in the basic skills of First Aid. BIMC has developed this  First Aid Training program to help the community respond to emergency situations or assist those in need of First Aid.

The trainers are BIMC’s own doctors and nurses.   The trainers explain in detail common circumstances they may come across in daily life where First Aid training skills may be required. The course participants learn techniques to open the airway, check breathing, give rescue breaths, performing chest compression, etc. The trainers  assist the participants to practice with the aid of a mannequin until they can perform CPR the correct way.

The 4 hour course started at 9 am and concluded with questions and answers.   In addition to the practical training, the 50 participants, a combination of students and teachers, will each receive a certificate from BIMC Hospital confirming they have successfully completed the Basic Life Support – First Aid Training session prepared by BIMC Hospital.

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