BIMC Hospital Kuta /

24 Hours Accident & Emergency Centre

BIMC Hospital Emergency Department is available 24 hours a day to treat patients in Kuta and around the region. You can be assured that our team of doctors and their supporting emergency staffs are competent to help you. Located in the center of the tourist destination in Kuta is giving chance to access with quickest and most effective way possible at the time when you need it most.

We treat all types of people from new and returning patients to travelers, expatriates and residents. 

In emergency medical situation, time is so essential. 

You may wonder about the emergency response time in a busy traffic as in Bali. 

If you are in need of urgent medical care but are worried about delays due to traffic, you don’t need to worry. We are partnered with BIMC Hospital Nusa dua, BIMC Hospital Ubud, Siloam Hospital Denpasar, Siloam Clinic Canggu, we will contact the nearest partner to approach you quickly and if necessary to transfer you to BIMC Hospital.

If the location unable to accessed with an ambulance, we have a different mode of transportation to reach the location quicker. We provide first response motorbike to send the medical team and medical equipment in efficient way to stabilize the patient prior evacuated with an ambulance.

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