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4 Reasons You Should Call Ambulance in Emergency Situation

Posted on : December 5, 2023
Emergency Situation

4 Reasons You Should Call Ambulance in Emergency Situation – Do you know the default setting in your phone always has an ambulance phone number in the fast dial button? It shows how critical this number and ambulance service is, especially in Emergency Situation. Then, it comes to this question. Why do we need to call an ambulance in an emergency?

Help In Emergency Situations

You can apply first aid to someone experiencing health problems or injury. However, that is only for the first treatment. To ensure the problem causes no problem, you need to get proper and more professional help. You can get that from a hospital.

An ambulance is necessary to transport you or the person with a problem to that hospital safely. Meanwhile, all ambulance cars have equipment for providing the first treatment. So, while you are transported by ambulance, you will receive the treatment before the proper treatment at the hospital. That prevents the worst effect and increases the chance of recovery.

Safer Transportation to Hospital

When you are in an emergency or witnessing someone in a situation that requires help, an ambulance is an essential thing you must use in that situation. An ambulance is the best choice for you or anyone to go to the nearest hospital’s Trauma Centre to get the treatment. It has the equipment to provide first aid care and is fast to get you to the hospital soon.

Why can’t we drive to the hospital? When you are in an emergency, there is a high risk that you or the affected person can’t make the right decision. Moreover, we all know that driving could lead to a much bigger disaster if you can’t concentrate. Therefore, you can go to the hospital safely and comfortably by ambulance.

Moreover, traffic is not a problem anymore thanks to an ambulance. It is the basic knowledge about ambulances. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to call an ambulance whenever you face or see an emergency.

Faster Transportation to Hospital

An ambulance also can take you to the hospital faster. It is a rule to move and provide a way for other cars on the road when an ambulance runs through. For that reason, the emergency condition that you have can get the help much faster.

However, an ambulance car also works as transportation to the nearby spot where other proper transportation you need is available. For example, an ambulance car will take you to the nearby helipad, where the patient can take a helicopter for much faster transportation to the hospital.

In this case, the decision to use a helicopter usually is taken when the ambulance staff picks up the patient or people in an emergency. They are professional medical staff that know how to deal with the situation. When they arrive and see that you need more intensive treatment, they will decide to take you to the proper hospital with proper transportation.

To Provide Early Information to the Hospital  

One of the essential roles of an ambulance is early diagnosis for the hospital. Therefore, many hospitals have an Ambulance 24 Hours service to smoothen up their health treatment. How does it work?

The ambulance staff will diagnose the person in an emergency when they arrive. They will know the condition from diagnosing the patient and asking the people in that location. Therefore, you should answer honestly and explain in detail to make sure they know what they should do.

Once they find out the cause or condition of the patient, they will contact the hospital where the patient will be taken. The doctor and staff in the hospital then prepare everything to treat the patient who will arrive by ambulance. Therefore, the treatment can be applied much faster the second the patient arrives. This will increase the chance of recovery and prevent any danger.

Because of this role, every ambulance staff should have proper training and knowledge about medical treatment and diagnosis. In short, they are the frontline of the medical treatment that the hospital provides. They also hold a significant role in the patient safety and recovery process because of this matter.


In general, an ambulance is the best solution you should use first whenever you are facing an emergency. Of course, a reliable hospital is also important here. For that reason, BIMC Hospital Kuta is the best choice for you.

This hospital offers the best service with complete and high-tech facilities. It also provides 24-hour service and is located in the most strategic area. You can access this hospital easily from all areas of Bali, such as Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Kerobokan, Jimbaran, Sanur, Uluwatu, Pecatu, and more.

Moreover, BIMC Hospital Kuta also is only 10 minutes away from Ngurah Rai International Airport. In case you need health treatment after arriving in Bali, you can contact their service. This hospital has an Ambulance Stand By service all the time.

4 Reasons You Should Call Ambulance in Emergency Situation – Do you know the default setting in your phone always has an ambulance phone number in the fast dial button?

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