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5 Types of Common Orthopedic Disorder Anyone Can Have

Posted on : November 15, 2023

5 Types of Common Orthopedic Disorder Anyone Can Have – Orthopedics is a medical science that deals with various problems of the human musculoskeletal system. It treats many kinds of injury, pain, disorder, and other problems that could happen to that system. Currently, medical science has found various problems that could occur with this system. Here, we will show you some of the common orthopedic disorder you might have.

Lower Back Pain                          

Many people have this problem, mostly, because of their habits in their working environment. As you might already know, most of us work in front of computers these days. We need to sit for hours to finish our work. This situation makes many lower back pain cases occur.

Lower back pain occurs because of bad posture that happens because of sitting for hours. A bad posture can injure the muscles in the lower back area and cause pain. In the worst case, it also causes nerve root problems and even lumbar hernia. Therefore, you should consider a full treatment whenever you feel unbearable pain that stays for too long.

Knee Pain

Knee pain mostly occurs because of the degenerative disease in the knee joint. It happens because of aging. But bad posture and unhealthy lifestyle also can cause this orthopedic disorder.

When you lack physical activity and keep in the sitting position for too long, your knee muscles will get weakened. This position also can cause obesity problems, which add more weight that your knee joint needs to hold. The combination of these two problems will sever your knee joint condition and cause pain.

Other than that, knee pain also can occur because of another disease. Gout and arthritis are two common diseases with knee pain as one of their symptoms. Rheumatologists are the ones that can treat this problem. But, in some cases, they also work together with orthopedic specialists to solve any joint deformity condition that causes pain.

A knee fracture or ligament injury because of the accident is another cause of knee pain. It requires timely intervention from an orthopedic surgeon. You require continuous treatment to recover from this condition and cure the pain.

Hip Joint Pain

This problem is similar to knee pain disorder. However, it occurs in the hip joint, the largest joint in your body. This joint also has the essential function of supporting your body weight, more than your knee joint. Therefore, people with this common orthopedic disorder will have a problem moving around.

The hip joint affects your mobility, which works in all age groups. Any problem in this part will affect your life entirely. Moreover, this problem could occur in any person at all age ranges. An infant is no exception.

The infant case of hip joint problem is also called hip joint dysplasia. It requires immediate and thorough treatment to ensure the child grows and can move around normally. Otherwise, it will affect their social life and their body mobility development.


Next, we have another common orthopedic disorder, which could be the most popular one. Yes, we are talking about arthritis. In simplest words, we can call it a joint swelling condition.

This condition causes stiffness in your joints. That swollen condition also makes it hard to move the part of your body connected by that joint. Interestingly, women have a higher risk of having arthritis than men. It is related to menopause and the women’s joint structure is laxer than men’s joints.

Depending on its cause, arthritis is treatable through medication and physiotherapy. It relieves the pain and allows you to move around without problem. Massage, acupuncture, or surgery are other treatments for this condition. But they are alternative treatments, while surgery is the last option when you have tried all treatments and failed to give a good result.

Shoulder Pain

Among all joints in your body, your shoulder joint is the most mobile. Its design, the ball and socket type, and the muscles around it allow you to use it much longer than other joints. Moreover, the muscles also make this joint much stronger.

However, several conditions can cause pain in your shoulder joint. The dislocation, arthritis, and injuries on the shoulder rotator cuff are the common cause of shoulder pain. They need a careful diagnosis and proper treatment by orthopedic specialists to cure them.

Best Solution for Common Orthopedic Disorder

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