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6 Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accident in Bali

Posted on : December 26, 2023
Tips To Preventing Common Motorcycle Accident In Bali

6 Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accident in Bali – According to the Statistics of Bali Province or BPS, the traffic accidents in Bali in 2019 were 2,462 cases. Its rate went down during the pandemic because of the travel restrictions. Many of those cases come from Motorcycle Accident in Bali.

The accidents that involve motorcycles in Bali might be dominated by small accidents. But, as a motorcycle rider, that can cause more fatal accidents. The best way to lower the number of accidents in Bali is to prevent them.

Human error is still the factor that causes the most motorcycle accidents in Bali cases. Therefore, you can start by changing how you ride a motorcycle during your visit to Bali. Here, we have some tips on how to prevent motorcycle accidents while you enjoy your trip to Bali.

Wear Proper Outfit When Ride A Motorcycle

First of all, you must protect yourself. Therefore, wear proper equipment when you ride a motorcycle in Bali. The recommended equipment stated by the traffic law in Indonesia is a helmet, jacket, long pants, and shoes. Those outfits will help to minimize the risk of injury that could happen because of motorcycle accidents.

As a tourist, this outfit combination might be too troublesome. You want to have a fun and relaxing trip while wearing comfortable clothes. But you can always wear it on top of your comfort clothes and put it in your bag when you arrive at your destination. It is all for your safety and preventing a Motorcycle Accident in Bali.

If you rent a motorcycle, you might get no jacket or long pants. But the motorcycle rental service will always provide helmets. So, if you don’t have a jacket or long pants, at least, wear a helmet properly. It means wearing it and clipping it in the strap properly, so it won’t fall off during the accident.

Learning Traffic Law in Indonesia

You don’t need to learn everything about Indonesian traffic law. You only need to know the road sign. More importantly, Indonesia uses right-sided steering. Therefore, if your country uses left-sided steering, you need to be careful and adapt to this condition.

Also, Indonesian road signs adopt the international sign. Therefore, you won’t have a problem understanding them. Following the road signs and traffic laws also can prevent you from getting legal problems. So, it is a good thing to do when traveling to Bali.

Watch Out the Road Condition

Many cases of Motorcycle Accident in Bali also happen because of the road condition. The bad road infrastructure often makes the riders fall from their motorcycles. Some roads even have holes, bumps, or cracks that can easily make your motorcycle fly away, if you lose your focus.

But you can only find that road condition in the suburban area. Most of the city in Bali already has proper road conditions for safe riding. So, if you plan to ride a motorcycle to visit exotic places in Bali, which mostly is located outside of the big city, please be careful with the road.

NO Impaired Riding!

All countries in the world forbid driving or riding under the influence. Indonesia is also no exception. Therefore, to prevent motorcycle accidents, you shouldn’t drink before you start your ride. Just don’t do it! Because, it can cause huge problems for you and other people around you.

Defensive Riding

Many people feel their adrenaline pumped when they are on a motorcycle. It doesn’t have to be a sports motorcycle that can run fast. Scooter and standard automatic motorcycles are no different.

You feel more freedom when you ride a motorcycle. Thus, people tend to ride it faster or more aggressively. That is stupid and the common cause of many accidents in Bali.

Therefore, use a defensive riding style. After all, Bali has many beautiful sceneries and places all through the route you take. Enjoy the ride, ride safely and defensively, and have a safe trip.

The Hospital When Involved in an Accident

Our tips above will help you to ride a motorcycle safely in Bali. However, there is also a time when you get involved in an accident. If that happens, we recommend only one hospital for help. It is BIMC Hospital Kuta.

BIMC Hospital Kuta provides 24-hour service. They also have 24-hour ambulance services you can call to help you in the location. Moreover, this place also has complete facilities, from the ICU to a comfortable wardroom. Plus, the doctors and staff in BIMC Hospital Kuta are experienced and dependable.

So, whenever you have a Motorcycle Accident in Bali, call or visit BIMC Hospital Kuta. You will get the treatment you need. Moreover, this place is easy to access, because it is close to many strategic locations, such as Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Kerobokan, Sanur, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Pecatu, and only 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Call or visit now for the best healthcare service in Bali.

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