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Diabetes In Children – Things That Every Parents Must Know

Posted on : November 8, 2023

Diabetes can occur because of an unhealthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, this condition does not only appear in adults. Diabetes in Children is also common these days.

Many young kids have unhealthy lifestyles because of the environment where they live. It has happened since they were babies. Thus, diabetes could occur at a much younger age than you might ever imagine before.

For that reason, we have this article about diabetes in children for you. This article’s main purpose is to learn more about this situation and how to spot the symptoms. So, let’s start!

Form of Diabetes in Children

The common form of diabetes that children could similar to adults. In many cases, they can get type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Both diabetes forms can occur in people at any age. But, most diabetes in children’s cases is type 1.

Type 1 Diabetes 

This condition occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin. Insulin is a hormone that assists your body to convert sugar from the food into energy. So, children with this condition will have a built-up sugar in their bloodstream.

To remove these sugars, the body system will remove them through urine. Therefore, one of the symptoms of diabetes is often urinating. But we will talk more about the symptoms later in the next section.

Children aged 5-6 years old mostly have this condition. At those age ranges, children with diabetes will experience the peak period. Therefore, the symptoms become much more visible and painful. The peak also will occur again at the ages 11 to 13 years old.

You can see it from how often your kids go to the bathroom at night. In some cases, this condition can cause your kids to start bedwetting again. Therefore, you shouldn’t scold or make fun of your kids at that age when they start to wet their bed. That could be a sign your kids have type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes

You might have heard people call type 2 diabetes adult-onset diabetes. It occurs because of the unhealthy lifestyle that the adults had while they were young. Therefore, you can find it mostly in adults with obesity or weight problems.

However, the obesity problem is not only a problem in adults, today. The unhealthy lifestyle that many parents adopt becomes the cause of their children having this health problem. The result is their children have a higher chance of getting diabetes.

In most Diabetes in Children cases these days, 10-year-old kids could have this type of diabetes. It is all because of their family’s unhealthy lifestyle. They become even more prone to this condition when their family also has diabetes or their mother has it while pregnant. The DNA factor also can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes in children.

Symptoms of Diabetes in Children

Most of the diabetes in children is type 1 diabetes. Therefore, the symptoms are also similar to the common type 1 diabetes. So, when you see your kids have these symptoms, make sure you call for help.

  • Constant hunger,
  • Extreme thirst,
  • Sudden weight loss,
  • Frequent urination,
  • Nausea and vomiting,
  • Blurred vision, 
  • Heavy breathing,
  • Lethargy or feeling tired.

Those are the common symptoms that you can find in diabetes in children’s cases. In more severe diabetes cases, your kids might also be more prone to infection. They get sick easily and the time to recover is also much longer.

Other than those symptoms, several other symptoms show the more severe case of diabetes in children. For example:

  • Severe stomach pain,
  • Loss of consciousness,
  • Rapid breathing,
  • Confusion,
  • Shaking and convulsions,
  • Bad breath.

Those are symptoms that indicate a state of emergency for your kids. You should immediately search for medical care whenever you find one of those symptoms. Otherwise, it can cause more health problems that can last until your kids grow older.

How to Solve This Problem

There are several methods you can use. The first method is a regular checkup for your kid’s condition. To ensure you get the best service, BIMC Hospital Kuta is the only place you should visit.

BIMC Hospital Kuta provides all kinds of healthcare services for your children. They also have experienced staff and doctors who will help you find the solution for your kid’s diabetes. Moreover, this hospital also provides all the facilities, so you and your kids can enjoy and be comfortable getting the treatment.

Also, do not forget to change your and your kid’s lifestyle. Use a healthier lifestyle to improve your kid’s condition. That helps your kids to have a better and healthier future.


Diabetes in Children is a serious matter. Therefore, you should solve it as soon as possible to reduce the damage to your children. Also, do not forget to visit BIMC Hospital Kuta for regular checkups to ensure your children are healthy.

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