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Don’t Let the Flu Get You in Kuta, Bali.

Posted on : December 5, 2022

Don’t Let The Flu Get You In Kuta, Bali.

Don’t Let the Flu Get You in Kuta, Bali — Ever since the pandemic hit, the smallest occurrence of flu could be a big deal. Even though vaccines are already distributed and most had been vaccinated, it doesn’t close the possibility of someone getting the flu. But don’t let the flu get you! Especially when you are on vacation time in Bali, Indonesia.

You will most likely get the flu during the change between seasons. The wind and the uncertain weather could easily emit more viruses. That’s why you need to have an understanding of the virus and first aid when you get it. Here is all the information for you.

What is Flu and What Caused it?

Flu is a nose, throat, and lung infection. It spreads easily and quickly. This is caused by the influenza virus. The virus could be carried airborne. When you breathe in tiny droplets that contain the virus, you could easily be infected. That’s why it’s important to guide yourself with a mask when meeting people who have the flu.

Now since the pandemic, the flu has been a walking red flag. The symptoms are similar to COVID-19, and it is heavily airborne too. That’s why people who have slight disturbances in their respiratory systems are recommended to take a test to check if it’s COVID-19 or not. When you’re in Kuta, Bali, you might find this service in BIMC Hospital Kuta. If you are not comfortable going out, you can even use their home care services to take your personal COVID-19 test.

Flu Symptoms

Flu symptoms will often appear 1 or 3 days after you get infected. These symptoms could also get mistaken as a common cold, but you need to know that the flu infects your respiratory systems. It could easily affect a large group, for example, students or co-workers will often get a flu chain reaction. When you have the flu, the first thing you might notice is disturbances in your respiratory system, such as runny nose, sore throat, dry cough, and sneezing. Sometimes when you’re not in the best condition, it comes with a fever as high as 39°C. You could also get body

aches and lose energy.

Preventing Flu and Stopping it from Spreading

When you have the flu, there are some things that you could do to stop the flu from spreading. Firstly, you could stay inside your room after feeling your first symptoms. You could drink warm water and eat soup to ease the sore throat. It is also helpful to clear your blocked nose.

If you have a mini air purifier, use it around you all the time. It will help to keep the virus from staying in the air for too long. If you have to leave your room, then make sure you’re wearing a mask.

Another thing you could do is to avoid sharing food and utensils with people who are not infected. Better yet if you could stay isolated until the symptoms calm down. Avoid touching your nose, eyes, and mouth after sneezing or coughing. Sanitize frequently. The main thing is don’t let the flu get you in a never-ending cycle of infections. Make sure you’re well hydrated and stay away from cigarettes or alcohol for a few days until your flu goes away.

If you have little children with you, make sure they already have their flu shots. It is recommended by the CDC for anyone above 6 months old. Between 6 months and 8 years, children are also required to take 2 doses of flu shots during flu season. Other than that might need only one dose each. If you were in Kuta, Bali, and were wondering where you could get flu shots, you might check with the BIMC hospital Kuta.

When to See a Doctor

When you get the flu, your initial thought must be how long does the flu last? Most symptoms go away in 4 to 7 days. You might still feel the lingering effect of tiredness for a week or so. It could also affect your appetite. For people with respiratory problems such as asthma, the symptoms could worsen quicker than the other. However, if it passes a week and you don’t feel well, it might be time for you to go see a doctor.

That is all you need to know about Flu. Whether or not you have been vaccinated, the flu is a quick virus to adapt. You might get it when you are tired. It could easily get through your immunity walls. It is not a pleasant experience, especially when you are on your holiday in Kuta, Bali. That’s why you could trust BIMC Hospital Kuta. They have 24/7 emergency services, they also offer home service if you need COVID-19 tests at home or vitamin boosters. Don’t let the flu get you and get the best care from BIMC Hospital Kuta.

Don’t Let the Flu Get You in Kuta, Bali — Ever since the pandemic hit, the smallest occurrence of flu could be a big deal.

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