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Effective Ways to Completely Stop Smoking Habit

Posted on : January 16, 2023

Effective Ways To Completely Stop Smoking Habit

Effective Ways to Completely Stop Smoking Habit — Having to stop smoking is a challenge for smokers, especially heavy smokers since they are already so addicted. As you know, some ingredients in cigarettes can cause addiction so that they can trigger the nicotine withdrawal symptoms when one is trying to quit smoking. Fortunately, there are effective ways that you can do it if you want to stop this bad habit.

By quitting smoking, you will be healthier as the risk of various diseases will be decreased. Here is what you can do to quit smoking.

Anticipate the Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

When you start to Stop Smoking Habit,  your body will sense the lack of nicotine. This can trigger the nicotine withdrawal symptoms characterized by pain, nausea, headache, anxious, and being tempered. Generally, the nicotine withdrawal symptoms will happen within 12 hours to 24 hours after you quit smoking. Then, they will be better within 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

Do not be tempted to smoke again just because you feel those unpleasant symptoms. Once your body is free from nicotine, those symptoms will be gone, and you can finally quit smoking at all. If you cannot handle the nicotine withdrawal symptoms, you can opt for going to the hospital to treat the symptoms. Tell the doctor that you are in the process of quitting smoking.

This way, the doctor can give the best treatment to help you relieve the symptoms without triggering your urge to smoke again. , Bali, that employs professional, experienced doctors who can help you to treat the nicotine withdrawal symptoms you are having.

Avoid Smoking Triggers

The next effective way to quit smoking is by avoiding factors that trigger you to smoke again. For example, drinking coffee and alcohol or hanging out with your fellow smokers. If you used to smoke after meals, you can distract yourself by chewing bubble gums, eating snacks, or even brushing your teeth. When the urge to smoke comes, you can make yourself busy by doing other activities, such as exercising or doing your hobby.

Consume Healthy Food

Some active smokers do not have a good appetite. It is because the nicotine contained in cigarettes can reduce the sensitivity of the senses of taste and smell. Research showed that healthy food like fruits and vegetables can reduce the urge to smoke. Moreover, healthy food can also meet the body’s needs of nutrition as well as restore the appetite due to smoking.

Regularly Clean Your House

Believe it or not, the smell of cigarette smoke can make you want to smoke again. So, you can clean your house on a regular basis. Wash your clothes, bedsheets, carpets, and curtains that smell cigarettes. You can also use air refresher to get rid of the cigarette smoke and smells so that it distracts you from wanting to smoke again.

Try the Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Have you ever heard of nicotine replacement therapy? This therapy generally aims to overcome frustration and relieve the nicotine withdrawal symptoms that many smokers experience when they try to quit smoking. The media for the nicotine replacement is varied, including inhaler, bubble gums, and nasal sprays.

Though it is considered safe and proven to be able to reduce cigarette addiction, you are still suggested to consult your doctor first before trying the nicotine replacement therapy.

Try Hypnotherapy

Besides the nicotine replacement therapy, you can also try hypnotherapy to help you quit smoking. The effectiveness of this alternative therapy to stop smoking habits is not known yet for sure. However, some ex-smokers claim that they feel the benefits. As the name suggests, hypnotherapy will help you quit smoking. It has to be done on a regular basis.

Try Counselling

Counselling can help you to identify what triggers you to smoke and focus on ways to help you quit smoking. In this case, you can ask for help from a psychologist. Counselling should be combined with nicotine replacement therapy in order to get the best result.

Do Relaxation Therapy

Quitting smoking might make you stressed. If you are feeling frustrated or stressed, you can overcome it with a variety of relaxation methods. For example, listening to classical music, having a massage, or breathing relaxation. You can also overcome it by lightly working out, such as jogging or Yoga.

Involve Your Family and Friends

Tell your family, friends, co-workers, and close ones that you are trying to quit smoking. This way, they can help you and give you support so that you will always remember your goals to stop smoking. They can always remind you every time you try to get your cigarette again.

Besides those tips above, some medicines like varenicline and bupropion can also help you to quit smoking. But these medicines are prescription only and must be under a doctor’s supervision. Quitting smoking is indeed not an easy thing to do, especially if you already smoke for years. But your commitment to live a healthier life will be very helpful.

Effective Ways to Completely Stop Smoking Habit — Having to stop smoking is a challenge for smokers, especially heavy smokers since they are already so addicted.

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