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Facts about Lupus: One of the Autoimmune Diseases You Need to Know!

Posted on : June 16, 2023

Facts About Lupus

Facts about Lupus: One of the Autoimmune Diseases You Need to Know! — Do you know what lupus disease is? This disease is a type of chronic autoimmune disease that is said to be incurable. So, until now doctors have not been able to cure patients who have this disease. The medical community also has not found a cure for lupus.

Because this disease can affect anyone and it is a type of dangerous disease that has no cure, you need to know some facts about lupus. By knowing this explanation, you will be able to find out about the symptoms and how to prevent this autoimmune disease.

What is Lupus Disease?

Lupus disease is also known as lupus erythematosus. This is one of the dangerous and rare autoimmune diseases. The disease can cause inflammation in several areas of the body.

An example is inflammation of the skin, kidneys, and brain. Lupus disease can be experienced by everyone, but women are more often affected by this disease. Lupus has several types as follows.

  • Lupus that attacks the skin (cutaneous lupus).
  • Lupus which can attack newborns (neonatal lupus).
  • Lupus which causes skin tissue to burn when exposed to sunlight (systemic cutaneous lupus erythematosus or SLE).
  • Lupus caused by drug use (drug induced lupus).

These are Lupus Facts You Need to Know

After understanding lupus, you also need to know some important facts about this dangerous disease.

1. Lupus is a Chronic Autoimmune Disease

As we explained above, lupus is a dangerous type of autoimmune disease and there is no cure. Lupus sufferers will experience inflammation in the connective tissue.

This disease is caused by the immune system attacking healthy body tissue parts. So, people with lupus experience damage to organs and tissues such as the heart, kidneys, joints, lungs, skin, blood vessels, blood cells, and the nervous system.

2. 90% of People with Lupus are Women

Did you know that women suffer from lupus more often than men? Women have a 10 times greater risk of developing lupus than men. This disease affects people aged 18-45 years.

However, the elderly and children can also get this disease. In fact, newborns are also potentially attacked by lupus, especially the type of neonatal lupus.

Not only that, lupus can also attack pregnant women. In pregnant women, the disease does not only attack the pregnant woman, but also the fetus.

3. Lupus is Still Difficult to Diagnose

One of the other facts about lupus is that this disease is still difficult for doctors to diagnose. Therefore, this disease is also known as the “disease of 1000 faces.” That is because the disease has many similarities with various other types of diseases.

In addition, the symptoms in one patient with another patient can be different even though they are attacked by the same lupus. That’s what makes it so difficult to diagnose.

Because of it, lupus treatment cannot be done early on, so patients often get treatment when the condition of the disease is severe.

4. The Cause is Still Not Known

Until now, the doctors still don’t know what causes this disease. However, some studies suggest that the disease can be caused by genetics. Other studies explain that lupus can be caused by the effects of drugs and exposure to sunlight.

5. No Cure Has Been Found

Researchers are also still trying to find medicines that can cure lupus patients. Drugs currently used for lupus patients can only help reduce the symptoms.

6. Rheumatologist Doctor Can Treat Lupus Patients

Rheumatologists are doctors who specialize in rheumatism and arthritis. These doctors can help treat lupus patients and diagnose lupus symptoms. The treatment carried out by a rheumatologist depends on the condition of the disease.

NSAIDs are drugs that are usually given to lupus patients who experience disorders of the muscles and skin. If the patient has problems in the internal organs, the doctor will give high doses of corticosteroid drugs or drugs to suppress the immune system.


Because lupus can’t be cured, you need to do some things so you don’t get the disease. You should always adopt a healthy lifestyle. In addition, you also have to be able to manage stress well. Don’t forget to do regular medical tests to find out your health condition.

So, that’s a complete explanation of the facts about lupus. If you feel symptoms of pain in the fatigue and skin area, see a doctor soon.

At BIMC Hospital Kuta, there are professional and experienced doctors who can help you diagnose the symptoms of lupus and treat it quickly. So, don’t wait until these symptoms become severe.






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