A Positive Space for Children — BIMC Hospital Bali

A Positive Space for Children

Posted on : April 6, 2016




BIMC Hospitals now provides a pediatric specialist specifically to meet inquiries from the expatriate community and families travelling with children to the island. BIMC recognizes visits to medical facilties can be a bit unnerving for children. To get around what can be a traumatic experience, BIMC Hospital designed a space that is easeful and assuring for both parents and kids. Rooms are equipped with educational and fun toys in a colorful environment with plenty of room to relax.

Pediatricians as well as general practitioners well understand the psychological needs of children and how to communicate encouragingly in an effort to gain as much feedback as possible about their physical condition. Pediatricians in BIMC Hospitals typically treat children for a variety of medical issues such as asthma, ear infections, upper respiratory infections, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, rashes, fever, pneumonia, abdominal pain and more.

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