Exercise matters: it will look after your body, wellbeing and mental health

Posted on : August 30, 2016


Valuing physical activity for the positive effects it brings to your body and soul is the first step in creating a lifestyle that adds value to your well being, physical and mental health.

Contributions to health and welfare come from several dimensions and include social and mental health, emotional and intellectual being and physical health. Moving the concept of exercise from a ‘must-do’ to an activity that supports the soul and invigorates the mind will enhance and improve all aspects of health.

Physical activity needs to do three things to add value to well being. It needs to:

  • Increase your breathing rate
  • Increase your heart rate
  • Make your body feel warmer

It can be scary making a commitment to overcoming mental and physical barriers towards changing your lifestyle, and including regular physical activity as part of your daily routine.

Therefore, deciding on the most practical and sustaining approach needs to be a conscious decision.

Engaging others either as exercise partners or enablers can add many advantages to pursuit of a better and healthier lifestyle.

Valuing the experience of physical activity is a genuine mind-shift to a sustainable positive benefit in a modern lifestyle.

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