Surviving the Excesses of December

Surviving the Excesses of December

Posted on : December 7, 2016


The holiday season in Bali is upon us, a time to reevaluate 2016 and plan ahead with new health-related goals, yet Health-e suggests not to wait for Jan. 1 as the over indulgences of December can wreak havoc on your health.

Besides spending lots of quality time with family and friends, there is no question that our next favorite thing over the month is the fantastic array of great food and drink. Some of us opt to line up at a resort buffet others plan their social calendars visiting friends from Ubud to Nusa Dua.

However, before you nosedive into all the gustatory pleasures of the season and begin firing Ferrero Rocher’s into your mouth two and three at a time, follow these tips that will allow you to remain festive and enjoy the holidays without completely sabotaging your health.

Sure, absolutely, go ahead and snack!
Snack before heading to a party simply because when most of us arrive to a social gathering at Christmas we are famished and this is when we often overeat. By eating some veg sticks or hummus, etc. beforehand, we curb our hunger.

Get regular sleep over the month
Many see the month of December as a party and social endurance event but you still need eight hours. Tip: give Magnesium Glycinate a go. This mineral is easily depleted from stress, and when consuming high amounts of alcohol.

Cut back on boozing
For many on this holiday island having one too many drinks is de rigueur
any month of the year let alone this season of excess, so focus on cutting back to sensible drinking and safeguard with supplements such as milk thistle, alpha-lipoic acid, vitamin C and glutathione, all powerful nutrients to help support and heal your liver.

Get up and move around
Try to keep to your usual workout program —staying active in some way will give you energy, reduce stress and tension and, of course, help mitigate some of the extra calories you may be consuming.

Of course you should indulge but in moderation
You don’t have to completely deprive yourself of all the holiday pleasures. If you know that there’s a party coming up over the weekend, concentrate on eating “cleanly”and drinking less or, not at all,the week leading up to it.

Keep your digestive system happy
Take your digestive enzymes and probiotics before overindulging at that holiday party.

Give your baked goods a makeover
Everyone loves holiday cookies and pies, but consider experimenting a little with healthy and nutritious substitutions. Some baked goods taste just as good using gluten-free flours.

Chew your food
It should take at least 20-30 minutes to consume a meal, otherwise you’re basically swallowing your food in large chunks that is super hard on your digestion. Slow it down by chewing each bite completely, and put that fork down at least twice during your meal and count to 30 before taking your next bite.

Adopt a support system
Surround yourself with healthy friends to support you to get your workout in together or, make a better food choice together.

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