The Value of Personal Trainers

The Value of Personal Trainers

Posted on : November 14, 2016


A personal service that became popular in the 80s as an option for those with spare cash is today more of a common monthly expense for a wider audience because for many, having workout support effectively gets one out the door and into the gym or on the footpath.

Be sure to spend time to find the right trainer preferably with certification or a degree in a fitness or health related field and as Bali is a recognized hospitality destination with an abundance of sports, personal trainers are aplenty.

Your personal trainer should understand the following 10 value points:
Safety: If you are less confident with free weights or machines at the gym a personal trainer will provide exact instruction to exercise safely (including which exercises to avoid) so you can get on with just focusing on breathing properly and getting through your sets without injury.
Motivation: Personal trainers serve not only as a coach, but as an educator, friend, role model and a source of motivation and encouragement. Local Indonesian trainers are well versed in English and other languages and in general very attentive.

Individualized Instruction: We all move differently and a personal trainer will develop the best program for you based on your fitness level and results and personal goals and body type.

Effective Workout: Many busy lifestyles, even in laid-back Bali, mean we don’t have time to waste on clumsy exercise sessions. Get a personal trainer to help elevate your time by providing workouts designed to meet your goals quickly and efficiently.

Supervision: Personal attention during exercise is the primary function of personal trainers. Need someone to spot you while you bench press? Looking for feedback on your running form? No problem, that’s what your personal trainer is for, to observe, assist, and if necessary, correct as needed.

Sports-specific Training: Getting ready for that Nusa Dua 10k run? Or perhaps you just wish to be stronger for those hikes up GunungAgung. Many amateur and professional athletes work with a personal trainer during the off-season to prepare themselves for in-season competition. A personal trainer can tailor your program to your sport of choice.

Rehabilitation: Sports injuries and accidents can prevent you from taking part in your usual activities. With an experienced personal trainer you can recover more effectively with recommend exercises that focus on muscular balance to prevent future injuries.

Lift Your Self Esteem: Trainers help you feel good that in turn gives you that extra boost of confidence. Not only can your personal trainer help you achieve your health and fitness goals, they provide you with positive feedback on your performance and bolster your confidence to take on new challenges.

Consistency: Most of us find it difficult to keep our workout routines. Penciling in appointments with a personal trainer helps eliminate excuses you might come up with for not exercising.

Special Training: People with health challenges such as diabetes or heart disease benefit greatly from physical activity however such medical conditions can make exercising in a safe manner more difficult than it should be.

Consult your BIMC doctor if you have such medical conditions and get advice on what personal trainers need to know about your current health.

Where to find a trainer in Bali?

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