Microdermabrasion: Not Just for Celebrities

Microdermabrasion: Not Just for Celebrities

Posted on : December 7, 2016


Since first developed in Italy in 1985, this tried and true method for facial rejuvenation, despite all the more recent advances in skin care, remains one of the gentlest and most convenient, non-invasive anti-aging treatments offered today.

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical facial resurfacing treatment ideally performed in a series of about 6 to 10 sessions. The deep exfoliation procedure mechanically buffs and lifts debris from the outermost layer of skin and vacuums it away, leaving facial skin feeling softer, clearer and even in tone.

When the rough outer layer of the skin (stratum corneum) is removed, our body interprets this resurface as an injury and quickly replaces the lost skin cells with new healthy cells. New York City facial doyen to the stars, Christine Chin uses a few glycolic peels together with microdermabrasion for the world’s top models like Naomi Campbell. “The combination works wonderfully by exfoliating and improving the cell turnover rate,” says Chin. “Such combined treatments work great to prevent fine lines and wrinkles as well as renew the skin to reveal fresh, young skin from within.”

The crystal microdermabrasion, as used at the BIMC CosMedic Center,consists of a compressor that draws in air through a hand-held stainless steel or glass wand and when the wand touches the skin, a vacuum is created.The most common crystals used are aluminum oxide crystals, also known as corundum and second only to diamonds in terms of hardness.

Celeb Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham,was said to have had “obvious” acne scars and discoloration and regularly uses fillers combined with microdermabrasion to diminish fine lines, wrinkles and shallow acne scars. Beckham, who also complains of enlarged pores,benefits with the treatment to minimize and unclog her skin.

Skin experts like Chin also say microdermabrasion decreases the appearance of superficial hyperpigmentation, age spots and skin damage caused by the sun and that removing dead skin through microdermabrasion can also aid in the penetration of skincare products.

Many people choose microdermabrasion over chemical peels and laser treatment because the procedure is generally safer and more cost-effectiveeven though the treatment may be slightly uncomfortable (in a good way). Actress Gwyneth Paltrow calls the effects ofmicrodermabrasion a “miracle”skin exfoliatethat she says stimulates blood flow and increases the nutrition delivered to her skin. Most will agree the treatment improves cell production for the skin’s elasticity and texture.

After a procedure, facial skin feels as though it has been friction burned for a few days and will require special cream to calm the skin. Your BIMC aesthetic doctor can prescribe or recommend medications to ease any discomfort with complete healing usually expected after one week.

Post treatment will produce pink skin at first though gradually develop a normal color in several weeks. You should avoid the harsh Bali sunlight for a few weeks after the pink color has gone and when you do find yourself outdoors it is recommended to use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more.

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