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Surviving the Christmas Holidays With Your Health Intact

Posted on : December 10, 2019

Surviving The Christmas Holidays With Your Health Intact

Surviving the Christmas Holidays With Your Health IntactEach holiday season Health-e reminds readers to keep your health in check despite the many temptations to indulge here in Bali. Here are our tips to help you step into 2020 feeling great.

W​atch​ your sugar​ levels

​Number one on our list is to limit your sugar ​consumption​ throughout the season.​ Sugar​ has a dramatic effect on the immune system for hours after consumption​ ​so skip the holiday candy each day and you might just keep the doctor away. ​If you are c​raving something sweet​ consider ​​guilt-free snack​s like almonds, popcorn, frozen fruit bars​.

Eat​ Bali grown​ fruit

Since you’re staying away from sweet​s​, you’ll need a dessert replacement, and fruit​ is the perfect substitute​ and no shortage here in Bali. 

Make healthy substitutions

Mashed potatoes might be a holiday staple, but mashed cauliflower or mashed sweet potatoes can be just as tasty​ and they are abundant around Bali markets​ – with half the calories, and a host of added health benefits. You can also replace sour cream with Greek yogurt, ​soda​ with flavored sparkling water or eggnog with hot apple cider.

Take probiotics

​Reported in Health-e, Resolution to Eat Right (Jan, 2019) probiotic bacteria, known as Bifidobacterium bifidum, is especially important during the holiday season, as it’s been shown to boost immunity against cold and flu during times of acute stress and we know how stressful ​the holiday season can be.

​Get your ​sleep

It might seem counterintuitive when we’re talking about a busy party season, but no matter how ​busy your social calendar is​, a minimum of seven hours sleep per night​ is a must.​ 

We’ve said it before —- drink less​ alcohol​

Maybe the tallest order on the list​ for some, especially here on the holiday island of Bali​, is limiting the number of​ alcoholic drinks, which can make a huge difference when it comes to your health. Not only are cocktails often packed with sugar, they’re also full of empty calories. Too many can lower inhibitions, which can also lead to making extremely poor food choices.

Divide your plate

It’s easy to pack your plate with seasonal treats like mashed potatoes with gravy and candied yams, but try to limit them​ and occupy​ half your plate with dark leafy vegetables, which will not only keep your caloric intake in check, but have also been found to be the source of a chemical signal that’s key to an optimally functioning immune system.

Make a daily exercise schedule

Just like you use your calendar to schedule your social events over the next few weeks, use it to schedule your workouts as well. Staying active will keep the strength of your immune system up, and it’ll also help ease the physical effects of the extra merriment.

Never skip meals

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during the holiday season is going to a party on an empty stomach. It’s hard to make healthy choices when you’re hungry, so make sure you stick to your regularly scheduled meals, no matter how great the party menu is going to be.

Drink plenty of water

​Staying hydrated is key to ​keeping ​healthy through the holidays. Make sure that you alternate between boozy beverages and H20 — not only will plenty of water mitigate a potential hangover, it’ll help you fight off any germs that come your way.

Surviving the Christmas Holidays With Your Health Intact — Health-e reporting with sources: UNAIDS; Medical News Today; Bali Peduli

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