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How to Choose a Wound Care Center

Posted on : June 2, 2023

Wound Care

How to Choose a Wound Care Center — If you have to deal with a wound that will not heal, you might have to pay more attention to the right home wound care. Nevertheless, it might also be necessary to go to a wound care center, such as BIMC Hospital Kuta to treat your wound properly. 

What is a wound care center and when to visit it? Is it necessary to visit it if they can treat their wound properly at home? What to consider when choosing a wound care center? Let’s get to know the wound care center better.

Introduction to Wound Care Center 

You can find a specialist medical treatment center that can help you deal with wounds that will not heal and that is a wound care center. The staff in a wound care center might include not only doctors and nurses but also physical therapists that can help patients manage and heal problematic wounds. To get the best care possible, the wound care center can also coordinate treatment with your doctor.

When to Visit a Wound Care Center 

Well, treating typical wounds can be done at home, but not all types of wounds can be treated at home. You need to know the right time to visit a wound care center. This option should be considered if your wounds do not start to heal after two weeks. The same thing goes for wounds that have not completely healed after six weeks.

If your wounds are related to your diabetes, treatment from the wound care center will be beneficial. The wound care center will also be a great help if you have pressure ulcers, venous or arterial ulcers, burns with moderate to severe levels, infected wounds with moderate or severe levels, wounds from surgery or amputations, and other complex wounds.

Benefits Offered by a Wound Care Center 

Why should you go to a wound care center to treat those types of wounds? You will get access to medical expertise to treat your wound by visiting a wound care center. The staff at the wound care center has been trained to work with complex wounds. Your wounds will heal quickly and safely with their help.

A highly customized wound treatment plan will be made by the medical team after a careful wound examination and investigation of why the wound is not healing properly as it usually should.

The wound care specialists will do more than heal the wound because they will also keep the wound from getting worse and reduce the risk of infection. To prevent limb loss in severe limb wound cases, specialist wound care teams will play an important role, for sure.

Some wounds might potentially recur in the future but with the help of wound care treatment, the risk can be eliminated. Some wounds may restrict people’s mobility and affect their quality of life. They can keep mobile and reduce the impacts of the wounds on their quality of life with the help of the wound physical therapist at the wound care center.

Questions to Ask When Looking for a Wound Care Center 

If you think that a wound care center can be a great help for your wound condition, you still need to make sure that you go to the right wound center. To find the best one, you might need to ask these questions and find out whether the wound care center can give you satisfying answers to your questions.

The first question to ask is whether the wound care center can offer an individualized treatment plan or not because of the complexity of hard-to-heal wounds. 

You also need to ask whether they offer the latest wound care treatment or not. What kind of latest wound care treatment should be found? It can be hyperbaric oxygen therapy or Wound Vac therapy.

Of course, you also have to find out whether the facility is supported by qualified wound care staff or not.

Home Wound Care Tips

Some wounds can be treated at home and you need to follow these tips to treat your wounds at home properly. Wound healing can be provided by irrigating it under running water and washing the area with gentle soap before patting it dry.

Applying petroleum jelly on exposed wounds might be better than applying a topical antibiotic. Small cuts and scrapes do not need to be covered although they still need moisture to heal much faster.

Small wounds can be treated at home, for sure, but you need a Wound Care Center to deal with more complex wounds.


How to Choose a Wound Care Center — If you have to deal with a wound that will not heal, you might have to pay more attention to the right home wound care.

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