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What is Computer Vision Syndrome? Gadget Users Should Know It

Posted on : February 13, 2023

What Is Computer Vision Syndrome Gadget Users Should Know It

What is Computer Vision Syndrome? Gadget Users Should Know It — With the advancement of technology, people prefer to use gadgets for their daily needs. It’s no wonder that electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets are selling well in the market because there are more and more enthusiasts.

However, it turns out that the use of these devices is not always good for health. People who frequently use these devices are at high risk of developing Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS. What’s that? Here we provide a full review.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

So, what is Computer Vision Syndrome? Computer Vision Syndrome or digital eye strain is a term that refers to a set of symptoms associated with eye disorders due to prolonged and continuous use of electronic equipment.

In fact, there are more than 90% of gadget users who have the potential to suffer from this disease. Of course, those of you who work with electronic equipment need to know more about this disease so that you can do computer vision syndrome prevention and not feel the bad effects in the future.

The Reasons

The occurrence of CVS can be caused by several things as follows.

  • Too long staring at the screen for too long makes the eyes get tired because they are too focused on one point to another for a long time. It will make the eye muscles work hard.
  • Because the letters on a computer or smartphone are not as clear as the letters in handwriting or printed media, the eyes will be forced to focus on reading. Of course, it will make your eyes tired after a while.
  • The gadget displays a contrasting and dazzling light. Well, if you stare at the screen for too long, your eyes will get a higher workload.
  • The frequency of eye blinks is also reduced while looking at the screen. This is what eventually causes the eyes to become dry.

The Symptoms

When you experience Computer Vision Syndrome, you will feel Computer Vision Syndrome symptoms. Some of them are that the eyes become tired and sore. Over time, it will cause vision to become blurred.

Eyes may also become red, dry, and watery. In fact, you can also feel pain in the area of the head, neck, shoulders and back.

How to Prevent

There are several ways you can prevent CVS.

1. Adjust The Light around You

Avoid light that is too bright or too dark when using electronic devices. You also shouldn’t sit with your back to the window because the light shining on the screen will interfere with your vision. So, close the blinds when the sun is very bright.

You can also adjust the position of the screen so that light reflection from lights and windows can be reduced. Arrange also so that the position of the light from the lamp does not directly lead to the eye. We recommend you to use an anti-glare screen protector.

2. Adjust Screen Light

You can also adjust the level of brightness or contrast on computer screens, tabs and smartphones. Not only that, you can also adjust the font size so that your eyes don’t get too tired reading letters that are too small. So, adjust all of that again to your convenience. By making these settings, your eyes won’t get tired and tense easily.

3. Don’t Forget to Use Eye Drops

The use of eye drops is also very useful to prevent the occurrence of Computer Vision Syndrome. By using it, your eyes will not dry easily.

Just use artificial eye drops that can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. However, make sure in advance that the eye drops do not contain active ingredients that are harmful to the eyes. An example is preservatives. If the drug contains harmful compounds, of course it can cause side effects for your eyes.

4. Limit The Use of Gadgets

It’s a good idea to limit the time you use gadgets. Try to implement a 20-20-20 system where you have to look away from the screen every 20 minutes. Then, stare at another object 6 meters away for 20 seconds. The 20 seconds is useful for the eye muscles to relax so they can focus again. So, after 2 hours of staring at the screen, rest your eyes for 15 minutes. This will help you avoid CVS risks.

5. Wear Radiation Goggles

Make sure you always use anti-radiation glasses if you do long work at the computer. If you suffer from nearsightedness or myopia, you must also always use glasses for nearsightedness. 

Actually, Computer Vision Syndrome is not too dangerous. However, if you ignore it, you will experience vision problems such as nearsightedness. If you experience the symptoms mentioned above and the method we recommend doesn’t work, then immediately consult a nearby eye doctor.

For those of you who live and vacation in Bali, you can visit BIMC Hospital Kuta. We provide expert doctors who will help you to solve the CVS symptoms that you are experiencing. Get checked immediately before the symptoms get worse.

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