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Yoga’s BIG New Market: Overweight People

Posted on : July 18, 2016



Many plus size people will say “not for me” when it comes to yoga although it might be time to have another look not only as a possibility but an opportunity to get in shape by way of one of the most natural physical disciplines available.

For all sizes and certainly all levels of fitness, yoga builds noticeable strength and stamina and reduces stress at the same time and if you stick with it you’ll notice additional benefits such as feeling and sleeping better.

It’s important to remember yoga can accommodate different levels and sizes but you wouldn’t sense that from looking at ads for yoga gear as well as most yoga studios. You will need to persist and find the right instructor and facility all while not loosing site of the fact that there is no perfect “yoga body.”

Getting started: When you’re in a yoga group you may feel pressured to find the ideal version of a pose however the fact is there is no perfect pose and your best is the one you feel comfortable doing so long as you don’t hurt yourself. So don’t be afraid to alter poses to accommodate your present flexibility. And all yoga classes will have a teacher who will give different options for each pose.

The other thing to remember is yoga is not a competition so feel free to sit out the poses that are too tough for you. If you’re carrying a good deal of weight, that’s weight that you need to support in your poses. Some postures like a shoulder stand and a handstand may not be right for you and perhaps unsafe but you’ll get there.

The other thought here is the benefits of a posture you might be unable to perform can be found in another posture you are indeed able to perform comfortably. For example, if you are uncomfortable assuming a shoulder stand you may wish to try lying on your back with your legs up the wall, which will provide the same benefits without putting strain on your neck and shoulders.

Number one rule: When you’re doing yoga, listen to what your body is telling you; if a pose feels like a good stretch, that’s great however if it’s painful pull back or adjust the pose.

These days qualified yoga instructors understand all body types but if new to a studio you may wish to arrive early and have a chat with your instructor; explain your concerns if you have any and get to know this important person in your life.

You may wish to phone ahead and ask about whether they have support props for plus size — most will have. Inquire about blocks, straps, bolsters, and blankets. And if you’re practicing at home, get creative with using the stuff around your house. A belt as an example makes for a decent yoga strap.

Props are awesome because they can allow you to get into poses that might otherwise be very challenging. As an example if a standing pose requires you to touch your hand to the floor, and you can’t reach, placing your hand on a block effectively raises the floor by eight inches.

Finally, don’t get too bothered, instead continue to develop your perfect formula and bear in mind there are different types of yoga, from blood-pumping, sweat-inducing to gentle, meditative yoga.


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