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BIMC and Balawista: Providing Safety at Bali Beaches

Posted on : June 8, 2016


As the high season approaches BIMC Hospitals will once again prepare for its role working alongside Balawista, an organization that saves and protects lives on Bali beaches through education, prevention and rescue, by providing first-aid kits for Balawista lifeguard stations along the busy beaches of Badung regency.

As tourism numbers to Bali swell, safety for those both in the water and on the beaches, has never been more crucial. Recently BIMC topped up numerous first-aid kits for the approximate 80 lifeguards who supervise the safety and rescue of swimmers and surfers.

“At the moment amongst the combined beaches we are equipped with 24 lifeguard stations and three ambulances under the supervision of Balawista and BIMC and that means we need a lot of supplies. The first-aid kits and the overall association with BIMC is very much valued,” said Balawista’s spokesperson, Mr. I Ketut Ipel.

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