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Child Circumcision by BIMC Siloam Nusa Dua

Posted on : June 14, 2018

Circumcision Child by BIMC Siloam Nusa Dua

Circumcision, known as “sunat” in Indonesia, is a surgical procedure to remove the skin that covers the penis. When the skin is removed, the opening of the urethra (the outer urethral mouth) and the glans penis (the head of the penis) are exposed.

A pediatrician or urinary tract specialist generally performs male circumcision. Before the procedure, the doctor will check the health of the child. When the child is mature, it will take place during the summer so the child will have plenty of time for the recovery process.

During this year’s summer school holiday, BIMC Siloam Nusa Dua will offer a circumcision package for Rp. 1,999,000 excluding pre-consultation with a general surgeon, and laboratory tests required before the procedure. For further information contact: 0361 3000 911 or email us:

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