Growth Factor Treatment at the Cosmedic Centre

Growth Factor Treatment at the Cosmedic Centre

Posted on : August 30, 2016


Growth Factors (GF) in skin care are proteins that regulate cellular development under controlled conditions, which play an important role in maintaining healthy skin structure and function.

The best source of GF for skin comes from human fibroblast cells. This finding has been supported by numerous scientific publications and is considered the key cells in wound healing. Studies conducted by the United Arab Emirates University show, with regular topical application of the GF serum, rejuvenation of facial skin, from fine lines to overall skin texture.

The results from the application of the GF serum indicates that a combination of GF and cytokines with selected antioxidants produces an overall dermal resurfacing and regeneration of aging and damaged skin.

GF are the cutting edge in anti-aging and rejuvenating skin care, specialized proteins with many functions, the most important being the activation of cellular proliferation, in other words a process that involves repairing the skin.

GF have the ability to turn essential cellular activities on and off and play a key role in increasing cell blood vessel formation, and collagen and elastic production. The result is a more youthful and vibrant look without plastic surgery or expensive cosmetic procedures.

BIMC Hospital CosMedic Centre in Nusa Dua provides GF treatment for visitors and residents performed by a certified aesthetic doctor using the AQ Skin Solution brand, an advanced skincare product made in the USA.

The CosMedic Center is currently offering a promotion on GF treatment valid until September 30. For further information, contact our reception staff at

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