Managing Gastritis at the BIMC Specialist Clinic

Managing Gastritis at the BIMC Specialist Clinic

Posted on : December 7, 2016


If you feel pain in your abdomen or feel bloated after eating even a small amount of food you may be suffering from gastritis, inflammation of the stomach lining, that could last for a short period, called Acute Gastritis, or persist for months or even years, referred to as Chronic Gastritis. The condition needs to be treated appropriately and as early as possible, if not, gastritis can lead to ulcers in the stomach or small intestine and untreated can cause bleeding of the gastrointestinal walls and even lead to stomach cancer.

Gastritis is caused by many factors. Some of them are:

  • Infection by bacteria called Helicobacter pylori
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as Ibuprofen (brand names Neurofen, Ribunal) or Natrium Diclofenac (Voltaren)
  • Excessive Alcohol consumption
  • Psychological stress or medical stress (surgery, severe illness, infections)
  • Conditions in which the body’s immune system attacks the stomach lining
  • Related with gallbladder disease

People with gastritis might also feel nauseous and the need to vomit, which can cause weight loss and dehydration. If stomach pain continues or you experience black-tarry stools, you need to see a doctor for evaluation.

If NSAIDS are causing gastritis, your doctor will recommend you stop or change the medications. If alcohol is the root of the problem, your doctor will recommend you abstain from drinking. And if your gastritis is caused by H. pylori infection, you will need to take three kinds of medicines for 1-2 weeks. Usually, along with treating the cause, your doctor will give you medications to block stomach acids.

As part of its Specialist Clinic, BIMC Nusa Dua provides internist examination by Dr. Raymond Sebastian, Sp. PD often referred to as a “doctor’s doctor”and currently acts as the head of the Infectious Control team as well as trainer for general practitioners at BIMC Hospital. As an Internal Medicine specialist, Dr. Sebastian focuses on preventing, diagnosing and treating acute and chronic diseases that affect adults.

Even with healthy habits and the best preventive care, illnesses can still happen, and your internist can address your health concerns with you to establish the appropriate treatment plan. Whether it’s a cold, flu or a chronic disease, such as diabetes or hypertension, internists are trained to diagnose and treat a range of the most common adult illnesses.

Make an appointment with Dr. Sebastian at BIMC Nusa Dua.
Dr. Sebastian:Tuesday and Friday from9am to 2pm
Other internal medicine specialists available:
Dr. Ari Kurnia ningrum: Monday – Friday from 8am to 3pm
Dr. Paramitha Ayu: Tuesday and Wednesday from 5pm 7pm

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