Nursing Seminar Reveals Revolutionary Technique

Nursing Seminar Reveals Revolutionary Technique

Posted on : August 30, 2016


Increasingly recognized for its medical seminars attended by Bali doctors and nurses and hospital administrators, BIMC Nusa Dua held its 3rd annual nursing seminar August 13 highlighting an advanced new treatment.

Leading the talk, BIMC’s internal medicine specialist Dr. Raymond Sebastian Purwanta, Sp.PD and senior ICU nurse Ni Made Sudiati, Amd. Kep spoke to over 80 nurses from hospitals throughout Bali on the topic of “internal water seal drainage.”

Water sealed drains are inserted into the chests of patients to allow draining of the pleural spaces that may contain air, blood or fluid, allowing expansion of the lungs and restoration of negative pressure in the thoracic cavity, a live saving technique.

Appropriate chest drain management is required to maintain respiratory function and haemodynamic stability and are placed routinely in theatre or in the emergency department and ward areas in emergency situations.

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