Siloam Hospitals Awarded 2017 Hospital of the Year — BIMC Hospital Bali

Siloam Hospitals Awarded 2017 Hospital of the Year

Posted on : June 9, 2017



Siloam Hospitals Group was awarded the “2017 Indonesia Hospital of the Year” at the Global Health and Travel Conference and Award Ceremony held at the Ritz Carlton Bali May 19. The award was received by the president director of Siloam International Hospitals Group, Romeo F. Lledo. Mr. Lledo was also one of the speakers at the conference providing his insight on the topic of medical tourism in Indonesia.

Global Health and Travel (GHT) is the leading player in the Southeast Asia healthcare service space. The firm has launched Asia’s first region wide healthcare marketplace complemented by a dedicated concierge service and doctor/hospital discovery platform to connect patients with the medical care they need from around the region.

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