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The Importance of Emergency Health Insurance

Posted on : June 14, 2018
The Importance of Emergency Health Insurance

The Importance of Emergency Health Insurance

The Importance of Emergency Health Insurance — To finance medical emergency expenses is not an option although many people still go without this vital coverage. Don’t fool yourself in thinking you can go without insurance. Here are some points to consider in choosing health insurance:

  1. Opt for cashless system of payment
    This cashless system requires the hospital where you are treated to have the cooperation with the insurance provider so that the payment will be settled between the hospital and the provider.
  1. Hospital Network Area
    Make sure the hospital works with the selected health insurance, within your home domicile.
  1. Appropriate Premium
    Be sure to look for adjusted premiums to suit your budget. For example, premiums vary and will be related to the type of room that you are covered by. If there is a service charge that exceeds the limit then you should be prepared to pay the cost difference.
  1. Prioritize Hospitalization
    Healthcare costs include outpatient and inpatient care and should focus on insurance that bears the cost of hospitalization, the largest cost. If you have the means for a higher budget you will be provided additional outpatient options.

  2. No Limit per Treatment
    There is a limit to the maximum number of health care claims. Generally, the insurance implements two types of limits, the first is the combined limit of all treatments and the second is the limit per treatment.
  1. Waiting Period
    Health insurance requires a waiting period; some diseases cannot be claimed during a certain period from the date of the insurance being issued. Ask the insurance provider about what kind of disease is included in the waiting period and the length of the period.

Managing your emergency medical insurance is similar to managing your home finances in that your health will benefit from good management.

BIMC Siloam Nusa Dua has excellent partnerships with major insurance providers for cashless patient receipts, both inpatient and out patient care.

Here are some insurance providers we routinely work with:

  1. Prudential Insurance
  2. AXA Services Insurance Indonesia
  3. Mega General Insurance
  4. Lippo General Insurance (LG)
  5. Sequis Finance Insurance
  6. BNI Life Insurance
  7. Central Asia Insurance (CAR)
  8. BCA Life Insurance
  9. InHealth Indemnity
  10. Zurich Life Insurance
  11. Panin Insurance Da-ichi Life
  12. Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia
  13. Sun Life Insurance
  14. HanWha Life Insurance
  15. FWD Insurance
  16. AIA Individual Insurance
  17. Indosurya Life Insurance
  18. Bumida Insurance
  19. Sompo Japan Insurance
  20. Cigna Insurance
  21. William Russell Insurance (for expatriates)
  22. Aetna Insurance (for expatriates)
  23. Morgan Price Insurance (for expatriates)
  24. Now Health Insurance (for expatriates)
  25. BUPA Insurance (for expatriates)

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