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Anti Aging

Posted on : January 28, 2011

Anti-aging is not just a myth like the “Fountain of Youth”, it is actually a true application of medical science.  Aging is the biological changing process of an individual progressing through time.

Research shows that there are, in fact, two distinct types of aging. Aging caused by the genes we inherit which is called intrinsic (internal) aging. Genes control how quickly the normal aging process unfolds. The other type of aging is known as extrinsic (external) aging and is caused by environmental factors.

Intrinsic aging is a continuous process that begins in our mid-20s. Within our skin, collagen production slows and elastin, the substance that enables skin to stay firm starts to decline. Dead skin cells do not shed as fast and turnover of new skin cells will decrease slightly. While these mild changes usually begin in our 20s, the signs of intrinsic aging are not typically visible for decades.

Extrinsic aging such as “Photoaging” is the term dermatologists use to describe this type of aging caused by exposure to the sun’s rays. With repeated exposure to the sun, the skin loses the ability to repair itself, and the damage accumulates. The sun also attacks our elastin forcing skin to become loose, wrinkled, and leathery much earlier with unprotected exposure to sunlight.

Repetitive facial movements lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Each time we use a facial muscle, a groove forms beneath the surface of the skin, which is why we see lines form with each facial expression. As skin ages and loses its elasticity, the skin is unable to return to its youthful line-free state, and these grooves become permanently etched on the face as wrinkles.

Sleeping positions also take their toll. Called sleep lines, these wrinkles eventually become etched on the surface of the skin and no longer disappear when the head is not resting on the pillow. Women, who tend to sleep on their sides, are most likely to see these lines appear on their chin and cheeks. Men tend to notice these lines on the forehead since they usually sleep with the face pressed face down on the pillow.

And finally, smoking causes biochemical changes in our bodies that accelerate aging. Research shows that a person who smokes 10 or more cigarettes a day for a minimum of 10 years is statistically more likely to develop deeply wrinkled, leathery skin a lot faster than a nonsmoker.

The BIMC Hospital is providing its Anti-Aging & Cosmetic Care Division with proven non-surgical procedures to give you a younger, fresher look with minimal downtime, with most procedures only requiring 30 minutes and that will have lasting results from 3 months to 7 years.

Anti-wrinkle injections for the forehead and eyes, dermal fillers for lip and cheek enhancement and facial contouring, fruit acid peels for skin rejuvenation, resurfacing and age spot removal, mesotherapy injections (non-surgical removal of fat deposits) and face lifting with Aptos Stitch which is the suture technology (without surgery), all of these are all available at an affordable price and in the safely of an international medical facility.

The division is managed by Aesthetic Consultant.  Call or email to book your free appointment on

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