Bali International School Visits BIMC HOSPITAL Nusa Dua — BIMC Hospital Bali

Bali International School Visits BIMC HOSPITAL Nusa Dua

Posted on : February 25, 2013

BIS Children at BIMCAnother weekday suddenly turned brighter that Wednesday when 27 little students of Bali International School visited BIMC HOSPITAL Nusa Dua on February 20th, 2013. An hour and a half tour around the hospital was all that they came for.

Accompanied by eight teachers and some of their parents, the 1st and 2nd graders came all the way from their school in Sanur to Nusa Dua using Trans Sarbagita busway, giving them an experience of learning how to use public transportation in conjunction with having hospital study tour. When they arrived, doctors and nurses at BIMC HOSPITAL Nusa Dua affectionately welcomed them to walk around the hospital and take a closer look at the state-of-the-art facilities within.

The students were escorted to see the hospital’s Dental Centre. They were given explanation that the dentists at the centre allowed children patients to watch cartoon movies of their own choice during dental treatment. Knowing this, one of the kids spontaneously asked, “Can we watch the movie now?”

When one of the Dental Centre staffs demonstrated a proper way to brush their teeth, they all promised that they would start doing it correctly at home.

The children were all aged 6 to 8. But, being introduced to medical equipments, they didn’t seem to look scary or reluctant at all. Instead, they were so excited and wanted to try all of them, including the large scale devices such as CT Scan machine.

Following the true nature of children, these kids were so curious almost about everything. They were enthusiastic brilliant kids who actively shot hundreds of questions as the hospital tour went on. “Why do they need to clean their blood?” asked another kid when a doctor described about dialysis while they were visiting Dialysis Centre, in which some patients were being treated for blood filtering.
The kids were also guided to observe the Emergency unit, Radiology and Imaging unit, and to see for themselves one of BIMC HOSPITAL’s Advanced Life Support Ambulances. They exclaimed joyfully when they saw it, saying they had often seen ambulances in the movies.

“We are very pleased to receive their visit. The children are so smart and highly critical. Hopefully, all that they’ve learned here today from our doctors and nurses would be valuable for them in the future,” said Herlia Adisasmita, PR and Communications Manager of BIMC Hospital Group.

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