BIMC Hospital Group Sails Into Komodo — BIMC Hospital Bali

BIMC Hospital Group Sails Into Komodo

Posted on : September 13, 2013

A new collaboration between the Health Department of Manggarai East Nusa Tenggara and Bali Indonesia Medika Citra (BIMC Hospital Group) will continue to support the increasingly busy tourism destination of Labuhan Bajo.

With its recognized Australian standard hospitals in Bali, the Australian owned and managed group is today working alongside the local government renovating the only existing clinic in the area. In addition to the general refurbishment, BIMC will implement improved systems and capabilities of the clinic’s staff and upgrade facilities of the medical emergency room followed by other areas of the clinic over a long-term agreement.

The cooperation kicks off a plan to develop quality healthcare in the seaside village of Labuhan Bajo, considered the gateway to Komodo Island and today one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature that includes such natural astonishments as South America’s Amazon rainforest and Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay. The recent Sail Komodo yacht race held annually in September and further events scheduled in the region will elevate tourism numbers say local officials adding that improved infrastructure and emergency medical facilities are today an absolute necessity.

Apart from the costs for a renovation of the clinic, BIMC Hospital Group has thus far donated treatment and observation room beds, medical equipment and supplies, a sterilization unit and advanced life support ambulance valued at over US$55,000.

“As a pioneer in medical tourism in Indonesia, this is just the start of another necessary step for BIMC to reach out and lend support where needed,” said Deddy Suhartawan, BIMC Deputy General Manager Marketing. “And the new clinic is not just a facility to care for tourists, the initiative is equally part of our commitment to improve medical services in remote areas of Indonesia for all citizens.”

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