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BIMC Hospital Group Issues Healthcare Membership

Posted on : July 10, 2013

BIMCARE LaunchingBali based BIMC Hospital Group launched its ‘BIMCARE’ card on July 1st at one of its hospitals. The healthcare membership offers concessions that range from free health and dental services to substantial discounts.  Deputy General Manager BIMC Hospital Deddy Suhartawan said three types of member cards, Star, Silver and Blue, are now available by online application to Indonesians and foreigners residing in Bali.  The free – entry level Star card offers 30% discount on doctor home visits and 30% discount on hospitalization. A lot more values offered by the other types of memberships.

In addition to accessing affordable healthcare, Suhartawan points out the value of having medical records kept by doctors and medical administrators who become familiar with members through BIMCARE services. “Often people who live in Bali come and go and may be inclined to change doctors or fail to remember which doctor they saw last,” he said. “BIMCARE is for people to use as they need it and to feel secure with the familiarity of our healthcare professionals and advanced facilities.”

The plastic, wallet-size BIMCARE cards are issued with the owner’s name and ID number used at reception and when calling the hospital’s 24 Hour Help Line, a service dedicated for Blue and Silver cardholders.

“The card’s identification numbers provide instant access to our system, an easy way to help receive the required data of our members such as ailments and past medical issues and in the event of an emergency, the names and contact numbers for family and friends,” said Suhartawan.

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