BIMC Hospital participates in the 2nd Bali Ocean Swim

Posted on : August 4, 2011

Bali swim event

With the success of the 1st Bali Ocean Swim, a 2nd Bali Ocean Swim was held on Sunday 10th July 2011 at Kuta Beach.  This fundraising event was organized by Bali Sports Foundation. The swim categories were 10km, 5km, and 1.2km and were started in that order. 

BIMC Hospital participated in this event by providing a medical team on standby with an ambulance. The event officially opened and commenced at 9am for the 10km swimmers.  The 5km and 1.2km competitors began their race 30 minutes later.

 All competing swimmers returned safely.  The only incidents reported were inflicted by jellyfish.  Some competitors required medical attention in the BIMC Hospital tent.

 All proceeds raised from this swimming event will go to the Bali Sports Foundation for their disabled swimmers program.

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