Safety First at Full Moon Event — BIMC Hospital Bali

Safety First at Full Moon Event

Posted on : May 5, 2016



The 10th full moon of the year is considered highly auspicious amongst Balinese Hindus and is observed with festivals in major temples throughout the island. The mother temple of Besakih, located on the slopes of sacred Mt. Agung, holds a special ceremony known as “Ida Betara Turun Kabeh” in which the Balinese believe deities and other ancestors descend to the temple where they receive blessings.


The ritual, held April 5th, attracted thousands of Balinese Hindus from near and far, resulting in a spectacle en masse all attending in deference to the heritage and culture of Bali. BIMC Hospital was proud to be involved in this key community event by supporting the safety of the worshippers with ambulance standby and a medical team during the ceremony.

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