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Sun & Sand Meet Smile & Skin in Bali

Posted on : February 20, 2013

BIMC Hospital NursesWith holiday packages called “Sun, Sand & Smile” and “Sun, Sand & Skin,” BIMC (Bali Indonesia Medika Citra) Hospital Nusa Dua now offers Australian travelers a mix of dental and skin care with a carefree and value for money holiday.

The Australian owned and managed hospital, and its medical tourism partner, Courtyard by Marriott Nusa Dua, provides Australian travelers to the island medical holidays, weekend and week-long visits for those seeking wrinkle reducing injections and anti-aging treatments or, utilizing its onsite dental laboratory, for crowns, bridges, dentures and implants.

“With soaring costs for dental work, many Australians are literally putting their money where their mouths are,” said BIMC Hospitlal’s Founder and CEO Craig Beveridge. “Our significantly lower rates for care match standards in the West, combined with the exclusive comforts of Bali’s Nusa Dua, make things pretty tempting.

“To be specific,” Beveridge continued, “Sun, Sand & Smile,’ provides a chance to get complicated dental like a crown done, along with a week’s stay in the Courtyard resort, for less than AUD 1,500. And receive wrinkle reducing injection treatment for less than AUD 450 with a weekend accommodation at the Courtyard, that’s considered a top bargain — and the ripper tan is thrown in free.”

It was this appeal that drew Fremantle resident Simon Brown, who combined his love of surfing with having some dental restoration work done that he said was long overdue. “I wanted to visit Bali anyway and why not have the bridge fitted and while waiting for the lab work, paddle out and catch some waves? I shopped around online and found the BIMC Hospital dental packages that added in luxury resort stays, were equivalent in price to getting just the dental work done in Western Australia, so basically that’s like having the accommodation close to free.”

BIMC Hospital, designed by Perth-based medical architect Silver Thomas-Hanley, made headlines in 2012 for being Indonesia’s first quality medical care facility created specifically for medical travelers.

“This kind of quality dental and skin care would not have been possible in Bali prior to the opening of BIMC Hospital,” said Michelle Kearney, Editor in Chief and Managing Director of Bella Media, a Sydney-based publisher of Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty.

Both “Sun Sand” packages provide Australian dollar rates for medical care and accommodation at the Courtyard by Marriott Bali, its adjacent location ideal for dental patients who may need crown and bridge adjustments during their stay.

“Our packages are popular for our Australian guests and ideal for surfers who canpaddle out to a popular wave from the hotel’s private beach located mere minutes from BIMC Hospital,” said Courtyard by Marriott Bali general manager, Jeff Tyler.

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