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Decoding Your Health Screening (Part 3)

In this third of our three part Health-e series, we look at further blood works and what they mean. Sometimes called blood panels, examining your blood is one of a physician’s most vital tools in determining the status of your health. Read More


The Future of Health Care Data Analytics

With detailed information from electronic medical records increasingly available in the cloud, health care tasks are more and more found online. By detecting the early symptoms of a virus as an example, that great body of information will make it easy for doctors and their patients to prevent illness. Read More

Self-Driving Bali Safely

The cost of leasing a car compared to a motorcycle in Bali is so negligible that it’s hardly worth consideration especially given the savings of a few dollars could mean your life and that of the person saddled behind you. Read More

March 9th World Kidney Day Theme: Kidney Disease & Obesity

According to the latest WHO data kidney disease deaths in Indonesia reached 41,042 at the same time evidence shows that obesity, which was previously a problem among high-income groups in the country, has spread across all income groups. Is there a relation? Read More


BIMC Workshop: Unlocking the Code to Eye Beauty

Held on March 8-9, BIMC, in conjunction with Allergan Medical Institute, will host a workshop that looks at the latest techniques using soft tissue fillers for the enhancement in the upper face, specifically the sensitive skin around the eyes. Read More


Klub Jimbaran Anniversary & BIMC

Celebrating its 4th anniversary from March 9-19, Klub Jimbaran has scheduled a number of daily events including a blood donor drive, futsal and swimming competitions for kids and Zumba sessions with legendary Jakarta-based Zumba dancers, Zin Bernie and Zin Junko. Read More

Jakarta Graduate Students Visit BIMC Nusa Dua

Some forty graduate students from Magister Hospitality at Trisakti University campus Jakarta are scheduled to visit BIMC Nusa Dua March 17 as part of their mandatory research project. Read More


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