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In order to maintain our high quality of service in BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua, we need your constructive feedback. We would very much appreciate your comments by sharing your experience using our service and facility in Bali. Thank you for your time and comments. Stay healthy!

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  1. Stars Rating
    Yulyta Musabiu Tandi
    Indonesia —
    I want to thank you so much dr. Sita (THT psecialist) for your kind help. You've been passionate, attentive and informative to me and I believe the same services you have been provided to all your patients. Without your kindness help, I would probably still going back and forth to other doctors looking for the right medication for my ulcer that I have deal with for over 10 years. I won't forget you and will recommend your service to my friends, acquaintance, relatives and business partners. Warmest regards, YUlyta
  2. Stars Rating
    John L Torkildsen
    Australia —
    Fell off my Motor Bike & needed a few stiches. Wonderful, spotless clinic-many thanks.
  3. Stars Rating
    Deutschland —
    I was hospitalized a few years ago after an accident. My patellar tendon on my right leg was torn. The staff was professional and kind and incredibly caring. The operation was excellent. Even my doctor in Germany said afterwards that they did a perfect job in Bali. I would go back to this clinic anytime. I feel very well looked after here. Thanks again to the nursing and doctor staff for the excellent job, today I can do sports again without any problems. Thanks again.
  4. Stars Rating
    Joanna Shengaris
    England —
    Great hospital very clean staff very helpful and caring definitely recommend also I would love to go back
  5. Stars Rating
    Edward Jenkins
    Australia —
    Dental appointment with Dr Regina Sylvie (BIMC Nusa Dua) she made an honest assessment of my teeth and filled one cavity, these guys at BIMC are honest and very skilled. No anaesthetic, No pain and very reasonably priced $100 AUD its a shame we don't have dentist like this in Australia! Highly recommend this lady, its my second appointment there in 3 years
  6. Stars Rating
    Jo taylor
    Australia —
    I fell off a pushbike in august 2018 you did brain surgery on me with a 5% chance of living i would like to say thankyou and let anyone knows thay reads this how wonderful your staff and hospital is i came over this year to meet my neurosurgeon and Victor and bought gifts and cards and chocolates and i will do every year when we come as you saved my life and i owe my life to you so thankyou to all your beautiful staff and surgeons for doing such a wonderful job i will forever be in your debt thankyou jo Taylor ?
  7. Stars Rating
    Australia —
    1st class! possibly the best hospital i have been too. Short waiting time, concerned and very competent staff, very quick turnaround on lab results, and cost effective for peace of mind. Please come to Australia and show our health system how to operate(pardon the intentional pun). Well done Indonesia and Bali
  8. Stars Rating
    Young Park
    South Korea —
    The staff, nurse, doctor took very care of our visit. They were very kind. The doctor and nurse gave detail explanation of the situation nd what needs to be taken action. Highly recommend hospital.
  9. Stars Rating
    jeanette du mee
    Nederland —
    Our daughter (15 y) stayed here for 3 nights. The staff was very friendly, caring and proffesional. Our daughter got the right treatment very quick. And one of us could stay with her at night. When she got out of the hospital one of the nurses gave my daughter a big hug, so sweet!