First Aid for Near Drowning Person

First Aid for Near Drowning Person You Must Understand to Save Them

Posted on : January 15, 2024

First Aid for Near Drowning Person You Must Understand to Save Them – Be aware if you see a person move their arms out to the side and press their hand down on the water. It can be that they are facing a near drowning incident. You must help this person right away to keep them surviving and not die because of drowning. Indeed, you must understand more about the first aid for near-drowning victims before calling a paramedic.

Move the Victim to a Safe Place Immediately

Say you are alone and no expert can help you. In this situation, you must help the victim immediately. Move the person out of the water and into a safe place.

It will be better to notify a lifeguard if it is close and they are there. A lifeguard knows how to handle a near-drowning person. It keeps the victim calm and survives after this terrible incident. 

Check the Condition of the Victim

Check the condition of the victim after moving the person to a safe place. Ensure whether the person is conscious or unconscious and has a heartbeat.

If the person is Awake

You can try to get a response from the person by tapping their shoulder and shouting at them. Say the victim is breathing and awake after the near-drowning experience. Place the person on the side to prevent them from vomiting. Then, call an emergency to come to the location right away.

For example, you can call BIMC Bali Hospital Kuta if the incident occurs in kuta and around Bali. The experts will help the victim to get proper treatment based on their condition.

If the person is Unconscious

You must understand first aid for near drowning if the victim is unconscious. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is the first aid for the unconscious near-drowning victim. The first thing to do in this procedure is chest compression.

You should kneel close to the neck and shoulders of the person. Now, put one of your hands on the person’s chest. Ensure that your hand is in line with the nipple. Put your other hand on top of the hand on the chest.

Remember! Your arm must be straight before compressing the person’s chest. Hardly press the chest with your hand anytime you are ready. You even have to use the entire body weight while doing this action.

Repeat this action until the person starts moving or awake. Alternatively, you can also do a mouth-to-mouth or mouth-to-nose method to save the drowning victim. For example, you must pinch the person’s nose closed. Then, cover their mouth with your mouth.

Ensure that it is tight enough so there is no air passing by. Next, breathe into the person’s mouth for a second. Check the chest of the victim.

Their chests should rise after this action. Continue to do this action if the chest rises.  

Remove the Wet Clothing

In this step, the near-drowning victim should be awake and calm enough. Try to remove their wet clothes and cover them with something dry and warm. For example, you can ask someone to find a warm blanket to cover the victim.

The case will be different if the victim is still not awake after the first aid method above. Instead of covering them up with something dry and warm, you should keep the victim cool. Call an emergency to come to the location right away. Keeping an eye on the victim while waiting for the emergency team to come.

Give Space for the Emergency Team to Handle the Victim

Move away a little bit from the victim once the emergency team is coming. Explain to the team the condition of the victim, including the things you have done to the person. Your explanation helps the emergency team to take the right drowning treatments for the person.

The emergency team often uses a portable suction machine to handle the victim. The function of this machine is to clear the airway immediately. The faster the team clears the airway, the lower the risk of the victim to suffer from hypoxia.  

The Emergency Team You Can Call in Kuta for Near Drowning Cases

Travelers love to visit Kuta because this island has a lot of beautiful beaches. The problem is that they often don’t know about the condition of the beach. They even don’t read and care about the caution on the beach. As a result, some travelers face near-drowning experiences.

It is their luck if there is a professional lifeguard on the beach. It will be a problem if there are no expert lifeguards who understand first aid for a near-drowning person. In case you are facing this condition and don’t understand anything about CPR and first aid for near drowning, call BIMC Hospital Kuta right away.

It is the best option instead of doing something that leads to dangerous conditions for the victim. BIMC Hospital Kuta Bali is ready with a professional emergency team for a variety of real-time cases, including near-drowning cases. You can check the complete information about this emergency service and other medical services on

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