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Items You Must Have in Your Home Emergency Kit

Posted on : January 1, 2024

Items You Must Have in Your Home Emergency Kit – Having an emergency kit at home is highly suggested as we cannot predict when an injury or illness will occur. By having such a kit at home, you can immediately have or perform a quick action for an emergency. For instance, when you accidentally have a knife cut or when your child suddenly has a fever. An emergency kit can help during this unexpected situation.

Quite many people already have it in their houses. However, they don’t really pay attention to what they have in their home emergency kits. Below are the must-have items for your home emergency kit that will be very helpful for unexpected situations.

Antiseptic Liquid

Antiseptic liquid works to clean wounds from the contamination of bacteria, virus, and parasites. This item is extremely important to prevent wounds from being infected, which is why you must have it in your home emergency kit. Before using antiseptic liquid, you need to clean the wound with water first. Then, apply the antiseptic liquid on the wound and cover it with gauze or bandage.


Gauze is a thin, translucent fabric with a loose open weave. It helps to protect wounds from dust and dirt so that it won’t get an infection. Moreover, you can also use this item to clean wounds. Gauze is available in sheets and rolls. Comes in a 5cm and 10cm width, you can use rolled gauze to wrap a big wound.

On the other hand, sheet gauze commonly comes in a size of 16cm x 16cm. It’s usually used to wrap small wounds. To use gauze, you need to use a plaster or bandage. Remember that you shouldn’t cover the wound too tight, and you have to change the gauze with the new one at least once a day, or when it gets dirty or wet.

Medical Plaster

Medical plaster, or simply known as plaster, is an adhesive bandage used to cover and protect small wounds that are not too severe. You must not miss to have this item in your home emergency kit as it helps to protect wounds from germs, irritation, and further tissue damage, as well as helps wounds to recover.

There are many brands that produce medical plaster, even the transparent ones. Before using it, make sure you already clean the wounded area first with water. Don’t forget to change the plaster at least once a day or when it’s dirty or wet.

Painkillers and Paracetamol

Painkillers and paracetamols are the most basic medicines that you must have in your home emergency kit. These medicines can help to overcome mild illnesses, such as fever and headache. There are some painkillers that you can have in your kit, for example, aspirin and acetaminophen. While for fever reducer, besides paracetamol, you can also have ibuprofen.

The important thing when choosing a painkiller is making sure it’s safe for the stomach. If you have kids, use painkillers that are specifically for children.

Cough Medicine

Continuously coughing, especially at night, doesn’t only bother you, but also the whole house. Therefore, having cough medicines like dextromethorphan in your home emergency kit can be a life savior. But if you frequently have a cough with phlegm, expectorant like guaifenesin is the most effective medicine to relieve it.

Medicines for Stomach-ache

The next item that you must have in your emergency kit at home is medicines for stomach-ache. Consuming spicy, oily, or fatty food can cause digestive problems. Eating too quickly can also cause the same issues. Therefore, you better have medicines for stomach-ache like antacid in your home emergency kit. Besides these medicines, you should also have anti-diarrhea medicines.

Because stomach-ache usually leads to diarrhea. Diarrhea can also be caused by other factors, such as food poisoning, food intolerance, and even virus infections. Some anti-diarrhea medicines that you can provide are diphenoxylate, bismuth subsalicylate, and loperamide.


With a thermometer, you can know how severe the fever that you have and what treatment that you have to do. Because you need to immediately see the doctor if the fever reaches 39⁰C. Now, you can find a variety of thermometers, from the one used in the armpit to the one used in the forehead. This item is especially important if you have a kid or baby.


Burnazin is an ointment used to heal burns. You can immediately use it when you accidentally have yourself poured with hot water or scalded. This ointment contains sulfadiazine antibiotics that can treat level-2 and level-3 burns. It works by inhibiting the growth of bacteria that can infect open wounds, including burns. You can apply Burnazin once to twice a day.

If you happen to face an emergency situation and need quick action, you can go to BIMC Hospital Kuta. This hospital provides a 24-hour accident and emergency center, as well as 24-hour medical center. So, you can get help anytime, no matter what time it is.

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