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Observation & GP COnsultation
Patients can be accommodated in private rooms under full monitoring for observation, stabilization, or while awaiting medical evacuation

Minor Surgery / Treatment Rooms
Minor surgical procedures and routine medical treatments and dressings are performed in a separate sterile medical environment.

A complete range of local and imported prescription drugs are stocked at the Centre’s pharmacy.
Immunization Services
A full range of standard recommended vaccines are stocked.

Medical Referrals
BIMC has a full list of specialists that can be called into the centre or, alternatively, the patient can be given a referral letter to see the specialists at their own practice. If required, BIMC can consult with home-country physicians and make referrals to hospitals in both Australia and Singapore.

Lab & Pathology
The Pathology department is supervised by expert medical technologists. The Pathology department can perform an extensive range of tests, from routine blood examinations to cultures and sensitivity testing.

BIMC hospital is equipped with :

  • Siemens 6-slice CT Scan
  • 3D Ultrasound
  • Digital X Ray, where patients are provided with a CD-ROM of digital scans
  • Pan
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BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua
The first hospital in Indonesia with accreditation from Australian Council on Healthcare Standard International  (ACHSI)

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