Prevent Diabetes with HBA1C Test

Prevent Diabetes with HBA1C Test
Prevent Diabetes with HBA1C Test

Diabetes Mellitus is caused by high blood sugar levels due to an impairment of insulin secretion and/or insulin disruption, which essentially means diabetes mellitus patients cannot produce insulin resulting in an increase in blood sugar levels that cause short and long term complications. The blood test you need to have for detection and prevention is: HBA1C Test (Hemoglobin A1C), which determines the average blood sugar level in the last 2-3 months.

The good news: people with diabetes can control the disease and prevent complications. Here are numbers to remember: A HBA1C value of 6.5% means good diabetic control, while 6.5-8% means moderate diabetic control and 8% means poor diabetic control. Get your test done today!

BIMC Siloam Nusa Dua offers a HBA1C package at the affordable price of only Rp. 125,000 (KTP and KITAS holders) valid until April 30. Terms and conditions apply.

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