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Basic Life Support Training for the Hospitality Industry

Posted on : May 6, 2015

First aid trainingFirst aid training for the hospitality industry is highly necessary in order to help establishments meet their health and safety requirements and place themselves in a position of preparedness. Many Bali businesses remain unprepared without even a basic understanding of how to deal with an emergency situation such as who to telephone for help.  It is important for all hospitality accommodation, restaurants and tourism businesses to implement first aid training and be acutely aware of how important the hospitality industry is as the island’s principle source of income.

BIMC Hospitals Bali is passionate about bringing first aid training to the local tourism industry, equipping front liners to professionally handle medical emergencies both big and small. Nothing is worse than a vacation gone wrong because of injury or emergency though when staff are trained to administer first aid swiftly and professionally, the issue is reduced and your business looks that much better.

First aid is defined as “treatment given before regular medical services can be provided.” To protect both guests and employees who fall ill and are hurt, it is important to have at least one person per shift trained in first aid and CPR. BIMC trains hospitality staff in internationally recognized CPR methods, basic life support, how to manage broken bones, burns, choking, animal bites, near drowning and shock.

To date, BIMC Hospitals Bali has trained numerous hotel staff and tourism industry businesses such as Rip Curls Surfing School, Canggu Club, Bali Sports Foundation, Bali Adventure Tour, Green Lion Foundation and others.

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