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BIMC Hospital Visits Orphanage for 12th Anniversary Celebrations

Posted on : August 6, 2010

bimc-charityBIMC Hospital is a superb international standard hospital celebrating their 12th anniversary. One of the planned events to commemorate this anniversary was to visit Dharma Jati I Orphanage in Bakas Village, Kabupaten, Klungkung. This visit took place on Friday the 30th July 2010.

BIMC Hospital was officially opened on 27th July 1998 and was established to provide excellent primary health care services for Indonesian residents, tourists, travelers and expatriates living in Bali. BIMC Hospital continual progresses and puts quality into the medical and non medical services.

The social event held at the orphanage was based on donations collected from families working at BIMC Hospital. Gifts of clothing, basic food supplies (rice, instant noodles, sugar, cooking oil, milk, etc.), reading books and donations of cash were transferred to the children’s orphanage.

The visit began with greetings from the BIMC Hospital’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Mr. Deddy Suhartawan, followed by remarks from representatives from the orphanage.The event continued with the delivery of donations by BIMC Hospital staff. The occasion received a great response from both parties. The children were filled with joy and a sense of kinship. Each child also received a small gift from the BIMC Hospital team.

Banquet lunch was provided by BIMC Hospital, along with entertainment for the children. The day concluded with activities planned by BIMC staff and their extended family.

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