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Essential Questions For Your Travel Insurance Provider

Posted on : July 10, 2019

Essential Questions For Your Travel Insurance Provider

Essential Questions For Your Travel Insurance Provider — If you’re planning a trip to Bali be sure to thoroughly go over your insurance policy with your provider to ensure you’re fully covered without exception.

BIMC hospitals sees its share of emergency incidents and often made worse with unexpected insurance issues when a traveler assumes their policy has them covered when in fact they are not. One travel policy may cover injuries and illness while others will only cover trip delay and trip cancellation. Before your next trip make certain you are fully covered and start by asking these five questions before purchasing any travel insurance plan.  

1. It’s essential to ask whether your travel insurance policy covers pre-existing medical conditions. Many travel insurance policies have a pre-existing medical condition exclusion for travelers, which means complications of existing health concerns may not be covered when on vacation. Don’t underestimate that a pre-existing condition could be as small as a long healed medical issue, or as complex as a heart condition.

2. Ensure your travel insurance covers high risk activities. Those who wish to surf or volcano climb or scuba dive may need to purchase extra travel insurance over and above their policy. For travelers who wish to participate in sports when visiting Bali, you will need to inform your provider the activities you are planning.

3. Here’s a common question we at BIMC are familiar with: Do I need pre-authorization from my travel insurance for treatment or hospitalization? Certain travel insurance policies require travelers request pre-authorization prior to seeking treatment. If the traveler does not have pre-authorization, the claim may not be accepted.

Before settling on a plan, asking if pre-authorization is required before seeking treatment is a key travel insurance question. In any event, calling a travel insurance provider prior to seeing a doctor may also be a good idea, as they can recommend accredited facilities like BIMC hospitals at your destination.

4. Can I call my insurance provider to speak with a medical consultant? Often travelers may not need medical treatment and would prefer to speak to a physician in order to get their opinion on the condition and if there is any restriction. Some insurance policies could provide this to travelers so be sure to ask before heading off.

5. And finally the one FAQ we get a lot at BIMC hospitals: Will my travel insurance pay the hospital upfront or will it only guarantee payment? Not all travel insurance policies provide direct payment to medical providers when care is needed. Some policies only “guarantee” payment to care facilities, which could result in the traveler being forced to pay for certain expenses out of pocket.

  • Here are some insurance providers we routinely work with:
  • Prudential Insurance
  • AXA Services Insurance Indonesia
  • Mega General Insurance
  • Lippo General Insurance (LG)
  • Sequis Finance Insurance
  • BNI Life Insurance
  • Central Asia Insurance (CAR)
  • BCA Life Insurance
  • InHealth Indemnity
  • Zurich Life Insurance
  • Panin Insurance Da-ichi Life
  • Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia
  • Sun Life Insurance
  • HanWha Life Insurance
  • FWD Insurance
  • AIA Individual Insurance
  • Indosurya Life Insurance
  • Bumida Insurance
  • Sompo Japan Insurance
  • Cigna Insurance
  • William Russell Insurance (for expatriates)
  • Aetna Insurance (for expatriates)
  • Morgan Price Insurance (for expatriates)
  • Now Health Insurance (for expatriates)
  • BUPA Insurance (for expatriates)
Essential Questions For Your Travel Insurance Provider — Health-e reporting with sources: Savvy traveler

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