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November 14: World Diabetes Day

  The 2017 theme for World Diabetes Day is “Women and diabetes – our right to a healthy future,” a campaign to promote the importance of affordable and equitable access

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Health Alert: the Planet is Getting Hotter

  The world has already experienced three record-breaking hot years in a row, and the rising global temperature could have profound effects for health, work and staple food supplies for

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Potassium Rich Foods Prevent Heart Disease

  Spinach, coconut water, bananas and sweet potatoes are just some fruits and vegetables that are rich in potassium. A recent study suggests people should consider increasing their intake of

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Does Volcanic Ash Pose a Health Risk?

  Tens of thousands of villagers were relocated from the 12k radius surrounding Mt. Agung this past September with the main safety concern being a potential eruption of extreme heat

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The Perils of Travelling Without Emergency Medical Insurance

  Health-e regularly provides in-bound travelers with tips on how to keep safe while visiting Bali and Indonesia although all the advice in the world cannot help those who travel

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The Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

  Boost your mood, improve sleep, and reduce aches and pains and prepare yourself for childbirth by strengthening muscles and building endurance all of which makes it much easier to

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The Facts About Protein Shakes

  New studies highlight the fact that protein supplements are a waste of money with little benefit, in fact you even put yourself at risk for kidney, bone and heart

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Relocating to Bali?

  If you are deciding on an expat life in the world’s most popular island destination, whether on a sabbatical or early retirement, you will need to keep your mental

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How Exercise Effects Your Metabolic Syndrome

Making an effort for daily exercise can reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome in people who are seated for long periods throughout the day, a recent study concludes. Sedentary behavior

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Love Your Heart Everyday

World Heart Day (WHD) is celebrated on Sept. 29 each year. Started by the World Heart Federation, WHD informs people around the globe that cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and

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BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua
The first hospital in Indonesia with accreditation from Australian Council on Healthcare Standard International  (ACHSI)

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