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Get Rid of Lower Back Pain with Physiotherapy at BIMC Kuta Hospital

Posted on : July 3, 2022


Get Rid of Lower Back Pain with Physiotherapy at BIMC Kuta Hospital — You can go to BIMC Hospital Kuta to get treatment for your injury, disease, or disorder. Physiotherapy is one of the essential methods that can be used to restore function, mobility, and movement in the areas that are affected. To get the best physiotherapy service, you need to go to a trusted place because physiotherapy should be done with certified procedures and the right treatment. There are some advantages that you can get when you take physiotherapy. A professional physiotherapist will provide the best treatment and care for you. Before you take physiotherapy service from a professional physiotherapist, you’d better learn some of the benefits of taking physiotherapy with our specialist physical medicine and rehabilitation at BIMC Hospital Kuta.

Muscle Pain Relief

The first benefit of physiotherapy is to eliminate or reduce muscle pain. You will suffer from muscle pain, and the causes of muscle pain can be varied. When you suffer from muscle pain, you will not be able to do your normal activities. You need recovery time. You will get a fast recovery and get back to your normal life when you take physiotherapy. Physiotherapy will use therapeutic methods and also exercises, for example, soft tissue exercises, and use modalities such as TENS, Infrared and ultrasound. The therapy can be used to reduce the pain.

An Alternative to Surgery

The second benefit of physiotherapy is as an alternative to surgery. People sometimes feel fear when they must have surgery. You should take physiotherapy first and see the result. Most people can be free from their pain and never need to go to the hospital for surgery because of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy can also help to avoid complications that may occur after surgery.

Improved Coordination and Strength

Physiotherapy can be used to improve the overall strength and, at the same time, it can make the body more robust. The physiotherapy will help in the overall cumulative improvement of your body coordination. You may reduce vertigo and also dizziness by taking this treatment.

To Avoid Drug Dependence

Some people usually need to consume medicine for a longer time. They can’t get away from medicine because when they stop consuming medicine, automatically they will think that they are not in good condition. In case of surgery, many patients are dependent on medicines to reduce the pain. Physiotherapy is the best alternative to control the pain and early mobilization. At the same time, physiotherapy will stop your dependency to medicines and reduce the side effects of the medicines.

Increase Cardiovascular and Lung Function

Physiotherapy is a good treatment for patient who need recovery programs after surgery. A post stroke patient will need to do therapy to regain their degree and, at the same time, to regain their sense of direction, balance, and movement. Physiotherapy is especially needed in patients who are on treatment and are recovering from heart cases, cardiovascular cases and pulmonary development disorders.

To Stay Fit at All Phases and Ages

Physiotherapy is not only used for those who are suffering from pain. Physiotherapy are recommended for geriatric patient, such as  neck pain, back pain, osteoporosis, and some other things.

Suitable for Diabetes Patients.

Diabetes patients have been known to experience aches and pains such as the knee, shoulder, and back pain. This is frequently caused by the body’s imbalanced sugar levels. There are dedicated physiotherapy programs that aid in the management of diabetes-related pain. Some skilled physiotherapists help with diabetic neuropathy, diabetic foot, and other diabetic conditions.

After you know about some of the benefits of physiotherapy, you need to know where to go. You must go to the place where you get the best doctors, the expert physiotherapists, you must visit BIMC Hospital Kuta if you live in Bali or are visiting from elsewhere. It is the best place where you can get professional doctors and physiotherapists. You will get 24 hours of emergency assistance too. For the patients who are having hard time to go to BIMC Hospital Kuta, we provide Home Care services.

For all of you who want to take physiotherapy at BIMC hospital Kuta, you can access the official site at It is time for you to get all the benefits of taking physiotherapy at BIMC Hospital Kuta.

Get Rid of Lower Back Pain with Physiotherapy at BIMC Kuta Hospital — You can go to BIMC Hospital Kuta to get treatment for your injury, disease, or disorder.

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