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Safe Travel in Bali

Posted on : September 25, 2021

Safe Travel In Bali

Safe Travel in Bali — There’s no disagreeing with the fact that Bali knows how to party. In addition to the temples, beaches, and mountains, many people also come here to enjoy popular party scenes in Kuta and other locations. It is no surprise then that people sometimes go a little overboard and unfortunately wind up in hot water.

A good number do things here in Bali that they perhaps wouldn’t commonly do at home. For example, many tourists ride motorbikes without a helmet, despite the fact that the roads here are not noted for their softness.

Bike and scooter accidents are unfortunately common, and they usually happen due to one of what we’ve coined the ‘7 Deadly Biking Sins’: 

  1. Riding on poorly maintained roads
  2. Riding shoddily maintained bikes
  3. Riding without a helmet
  4. Riding without a proper license
  5. Ignoring road rules
  6. Choosing poorly lit roads
  7. Riding while intoxicated.

Committing just one of these can lead to a devastating accident.

Tourists sometimes view locals engaging in some of these behaviors and follow suit. However, they forget that locals, having grown up in the particular environment, are generally a lot savvier and that, despite this savvy, they also suffer accidents.

People should ask themselves, ‘Would I do this at home?’ If the answer is ‘no’, it’s probably not the best idea overseas, either. The arithmetic of speed, gravity, and asphalt hold as true in Bali as they do everywhere else.

While no one hopes for an emergency, it’s comforting to know that there is world-class medical care available in Bali at BIMC Hospital in Kuta. Managed and staffed by an international team, BIMC offers immaculately clean facilities, highly-skilled doctors and nurses, luxurious ward rooms, and advanced medical equipment.

At BIMC, we understand that the need for hospital treatment in a foreign country can be unsettling, which is why all our staff are highly proficient in English. Many have obtained advanced degrees overseas and are familiar with international standards of care.

BIMC’s emergency team is ready 24 hours a day to handle any medical emergency. The emergency and treatment rooms are equipped to provide the highest standard of healthcare for any type of incident, ranging from minor injuries to more complex cases. Two fully equipped ambulances, a patient transfer vehicle, as well as a first response motorbike are always ready to provide prompt medical attention. All transport vehicles are fitted with GPS units and radios allowing direct contact with BIMC’s emergency center.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, BIMC has been committed to ensuring the safety of every individual at our facility, including  staff, visitors, and patients. Masks are required of everyone that enters the hospital. Hand sanitizer is available at every entrance and exit. All areas in the hospital are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, with particular attention given to high-touch points.

So, get out there and explore our beautiful island, but please do your best to remain aware of potential risks and stay safe.

Safe Travel in Bali — There’s no disagreeing with the fact that Bali knows how to party.

For more information and appointment, Please contact BIMC Hospital Kuta via Call Centre +62 811 3960 8500 (WA text only). BIMC Emergency Call 24 Hours  +62 361 761263.

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