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Travelling with allergies: symptom relief and management tips

Posted on : July 19, 2019

Travelling With Allergies Symptom Relief And Management Tips

Travelling with allergies: symptom relief and management tips — Getting relief from your allergies when in Bali starts with ensuring you pack all the medications you’ll need and if your stock becomes low Indonesian pharmacies (apotik) typically sell what you require although the brand might be different or generic.

Dining Out: If you have food allergies, you must be extra cautious while dining out to avoid hidden ingredients (like nuts or eggs) that could trigger an attack. Be sure to mention to hotel and restaurant staff and to be extra cautious you may wish to carry an allergy card with the food you are allergic to and have it translated into Bahasa Indonesia.

When certain foods, including apples, carrots, pears, and hazelnuts, are eaten during pollen season, a cross-reaction between the proteins in these fruits and nuts and the pollens in the air may cause an allergic reaction (tingling of the mouth, itchy throat). If you have a severe food allergy, it’s recommended that you carry an EpiPen with you.

According to WebMD, allergies can occur on the road and in the air. And no matter what form of transportation you take to get to your destination, it’s impossible to avoid allergens. But a few easy steps can keep your exposure to a minimum. When travelling by car or bus, vehicles in Bali invariably use AC, which fortunately helps remove dust mites and mold from the upholstery. The air in planes is particularly dry, so be sure your carry-on includes saline nasal spray to use once an hour to keep nasal passages moist.

If you haven’t booked your Bali hotel, look for allergy-friendly accommodation. Increasingly hotels are promoting themselves as offering asthma- and allergy-friendly rooms that might include pillow and mattress covers and hypoallergenic linens.

At a minimum you should seek out a hotel that is entirely smoke-free. Some Indonesian hotels still permit smoking floors or “nonsmoking rooms” but sadly do not strictly enforce this policy.
Even if you’re in a smoke-free room, if it’s right above a smoking floor, you’ll end up getting exposure to the smoke that’s below you and if you are given a room that smells of smoke, ask to be moved immediately.

If you have mold allergies, ask for a sunny, dry room away from the pool. If you have severe allergies or asthma, take the time to visit your allergist prior to traveling to discuss your plans. Make sure you’ve taken all the precautions necessary to make sure your trip to Bali is as enjoyable as possible.

Travelling with allergies: symptom relief and management tips — Health-e reporting with sources: WebMd

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