The 2016 Sanur Village Festival

No Emergencies Reported at 2016 Sanur Village Festival

Posted on : September 23, 2016

bimc support for Sanur Village Festival

The 11th annual Sanur Village Festival (SVF) held at Inna Grand Bali Beach from August 24-28, attracted more than one hundred thousand visitors and despite the record-breaking turnout that left traffic in chaos, only minor injuries were reported.

BIMC Hospitals provided medical tents, doctors and nurses, ambulance and first – response motorcycle in cooperation with the police, army and Pecalang (local Sanur security).

This year’s event with the theme Tat Twam Asi (Sanskrit meaning “thou art that”) celebrated over a decade since the popular festival was launched and operated as an “independent tourism promotion that preserves and improves Sanur community ecology, economy, social cultural and creativity.”

SVF is supported by the community, government and private sector and honours local arts and culture and increasingly the importance of environmental preservation.

Here are the images from Sanur Village Festival.

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