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BIMC Ambulance Fleet

Posted on : May 5, 2010

ambulance1“In an emergency situation, time is of the essence”. Everyone would agree with this statement, however, more should be added, time is of the essence “to get help” for complete treatment. First aid help from a bystander could be lifesaving and prolong someone’s life, but there is no argument that professional help is much more important.  Unfortunately, an emergency unit, either it be a hospital or a clinic, is not always nearby, or in other situations, the patient can not be transported.

The emergency ambulance was designed initially to transfer injured army personnel from the battle grounds to the medic unit.  By time, it developed as a mini emergency room. Nowadays, the emergency ambulance is inseparable from hospitals.

BIMC Hospital established in 1998, first started as a medical clinic with 1 emergency ambulance and is now proud to announce an additional emergency ambulance to their ambulance fleet.

This additional unit completes the ambulance fleet as:

  • 3 emergency ambulance vehicles
  • 1 first response motorbike
  • 1 patient transfer vehicle

BIMC’s emergency ambulance is designed with all major emergency equipment in the unit for initial treatment and patient transport.  For this reason, they are called “Advanced Life Support” ambulances.  Medical equipment includes, but is not limited to; airway devices, intravenous access and treatment, defibrillator, oxygen supplement, splint and immobilizers readily available in the ambulance.

Should it be a motor vehicle accident, heart attack or near drowning, our emergency ambulance and medical team is ready 24/7 to respond to any patient in need of medical attention.

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