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BIMC Hospital Kuta Upgrades Its Operating Theatre

Posted on : February 18, 2013

Operating Theatre

The BIMC HOSPITAL Kuta has upgraded its international standard operating theatre in the beginning of 2013. The theatre is now equipped with HEPA filtered laminar flow hoods representing the latest technology to provide maximum protection and prevention in terms of infection risk during surgeries.

Installed previously, the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters catch very fine particles effectively, making them highly beneficial in preventing bacterial and viral organisms from spreading in a room. With the new laminar flow hoods the sterile air is now effectively concentrated right above the operating table and the airflow is directed with a pre-defined velocity to make sure that everyone around the patient is standing in a “curtain of clean air”.

Safe and sterile conditions are extremely vital in the health care business. It is therefore highly important for patients to choose hospitals that put emphasis on serving them with sterilized rooms and equipments.

At BIMC HOSPITAL, sterilization is conducted exactly every month. “We conduct regular sterilization, and we’ve never missed a single one. This is our distinctive practice that differ us from the rest. Our patients must be kept certain that they are secure with us,” said physician Dr. Meike Magnasofa, the Medical Director of BIMC HOSPITAL Kuta. In addition to this monthly sterilization, Denpasar’s Health Department also conducts similar sterilization and inspection at the hospital every 3 months.


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